2-days Deep Learning Workshop (Python/Tensorflow/Keras)

2-days Deep Learning Workshop (Python/Tensorflow/Keras)
Event on 2016-04-30 09:00:00
"A decade ago, an accurate and general object recognition system was impossible Now, any programmer can train a high quality one on a laptop" Ben Hammer, CTO @ Kaggle Accelerated deep learning workshop with Python A 2-day hands-­on workshop on deep learning. It provides a comprehensive introduction to popular deep learning software packages like Tensorflow and Keras and provides exposure to real-world applications of deep learning. Is this for me? The workshop is intented for people who are already familiar with the basic concepts of machine learning and Python and want to learn the fundamentals of deep learning. Practically speaking, if you are comfortable with the ideas of logistic regression, basic linear algebra, using training and testing sets to evaluate performance, and basic probability theory, you have all you need to take this course. Software Engineers and Analysts with previous coding experience in Python Data Scientists that want to quickly ramp up their Deep Learning skills What should I bring? A laptop. We will send out instructions in advance to install required software. Are there any prerequisites? Previous experience programming in Python or in other languages is advised to make best use of the workshop. Additionally, some familiarity with machine learning is necessary. Curriculum The workshop is meant to introduce you to the concepts of deep learning and provide a solid base to build deeper knowledge in the field. You will learn: Fundamentals of deep learning theory How to approach and solve a problem with deep learning Hands-on practice with modern tools Applications to computer vision / image processing Applications to natural language processing Activities The workshop is built on top of different teaching and training methodologies, and it is conceived to maximize the learning experience for everyone. Activities include: Learn deep learning theory Hands-on practice Individual feedback and support Pair programming Case studies on real-world data and industry examples Online resources Meet and learn with like-minded people Network of recruiting partners What makes us different? The workshop is practice-oriented from the beginning and learning is based on experimentation rather than a lecture-focused approach. As a result, you will leave the course with familiarity with some of the best modern tools for deep learning. Whether you are considering a career move, or you simply want to include more powerful predictive modeling in your work, this workshop will give you the tools to do so. How is the course organized? Day 1 (9:30-5:30): Intro to deep learning models Training simple models and exploring tradeoffs How do deep models accomplish what they do? Understanding learning in deep models Hyperparameters that control the learning process Hands-on experimentations with Keras in Python Day2 (9:30-5:30): Intro to convolutional networks Relating model structure and data structure Training small convolutional networks Visualizing what convolutional networks learn Speeding up learning Exploring learned representations and transfer learning Is lunch provided Yes! Lunch is included. Instructor Clayton is a software engineer at Yahoo working in the area of deep learning for computer vision and image search. He is currently working on large scale approximate nearest neighbor search for deep image features. Terms & Conditions Cancellation policy In certain cases, we may need to cancel this workshop due to circumstances beyond our control or otherwise. If this happens, we will refund all registration fees for those who signed up. We are not responsible for any related expenses incurred by registered attendees (including but not limited to travel and hotel expenses). Refund policy More than 2 weeks before course: full refund, less 10% adminstrative fee. 1-2 weeks before course: 50% refund. Less than 1 week before course: no refund available Money-back guarantee All public workshops come with a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason after attending the class, you can ask for a full refund. Referral Program If you liked the program so much that you'd like your friends to attend our workshop will give you 50% refund for each friend that subscribes to the next workshop. (2 friends = 100% money back). Ask us for details at the workshop.

at Mind the Bridge
450 Townsend St.
San Francisco, United States

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