2016 – The Year of Robot Democratization?

2016 – The Year of Robot Democratization?
With drones taking to the skies and autonomous robots navigating our warehouses, local eateries, hotels, hospitals, and stores, and soon our roadways – the differences between industrial, collaborative, and service robots continue to blur. No longer …
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Politicians are so predictable, a robot can literally write their speeches
Spend enough time watching politicians talk, and pretty soon you'll have a good idea of how to address the public like a seasoned elected official. No matter the topic, our nation's leaders invariably find a way to tie things back to members of the …
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Global and Chinese Industrial Robot Servo Motor Industry Report 2016
Starting in 2013, China became the world's largest industrial robot market, with the sales volume for 2014 surging by 55% to 57,000 units. Propelled by industrial upgrading and the demand for machines replacing human labor, China's industrial robot …
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