2nd International Nursing And Primary Healthcare Conference

2nd International Nursing And Primary Healthcare Conference
Event on 2017-09-04 09:00:00
Aquilus International and Primary Nursingcare – 2017 organizing committee, we are delighted to welcome all the delegates and their guests to Milan, Italy, for the 2nd International Nursing and Healthcare Conference that will take place from September 4 – 6, 2017. Theme: "Enlightening inspiring thoughts on research, education, training and technology related nursing and healthcare sciences"

Aquilus international scientific meetings provide an international platform for presentation and discussions of frontier research in the fields of Medical, biological, chemical, physical sciences, and their related technologies. 2nd International Nursing and Primary Healthcare Conference – 2017 is a distinguished event to be established as a high-quality conference in the field of nursing. The event has been inviting the most reputed and credited nursing practitioners and experts as keynote speakers and this could be a great opportunity to upcoming nurses and students. Milan city will be the event host city in the month of September 2017.

The conference will bring together delegates from all over the world from Universities, Hospitals, research fields, civil societies and public authorities to explore and discuss opportunities and strengths related to advances in nursing and healthcare sciences. During the conference, you can learn and discuss appealing topics and through your participation, you can help develop issues to be further explored. The interactive exchange of information would also help trainees and young practitioners to improve their professional development, enrich their knowledge and increase their sense of professionalism in the field of nursing and healthcare sciences.

Nursing is always related to life and humankind providing care for suffering and illnesses. Nursing is an astonishing field protecting and promoting health along with usage of technology in diagnosis and treatment methods. Nursing involves individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations making it a most valuable field of medicine. The nursing field is never confined to common medical practices, whereas it involves many specializations such as emergency nursing, psychiatric and mental health nursing, Cancer Nursing, Cardiac Nursing, Adult Health Nursing, Women Health Nursing, Legal Nursing etc. The conference “2nd International Nursing and Primary Healthcare Conference”, enlightens the nursing techniques, importance, and abilities with deep dissection into subjects such as research, treatment, diagnosis, statistics, technology, epidemiology etc. The meeting involves nursing practitioners and experts working in different locations of hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, ambulatory care centers, community health centers, schools, retail clinics, camps, homeless shelters, prisons, sporting events and tourist destinations.

at Hilton Garden Inn Milan Malpensa
Hilton Garden Inn Milan Malpensa. Giuseppe Mazzini, 63, 21019 Somma Lombardo VA,
Milan, Italy

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