6th Annual International Conference on “Transgenerational Trauma” 3

6th Annual International Conference on “Transgenerational Trauma”
Event on 2017-10-12 10:00:00
6th Annual Internationl Conference on "Transgenerational Trauma:" Communal Wounds and Victim Identities October 12-14, 2017  ~  Amman, Jordan REGISTRATION OPTIONS  (Registration is open up to dates of conference):1) On-line: See detailed instructions below . 2) Email Registration form: If you wish an alternative way to register other than On-Line (or if you are using a discount not listed above) an Email Registration form is available at: www.cbiworld.org/home/conferences/tt/registration/  or  by request at: SOlweean@aol.com Note: You can use this option and still pay by PayPal through the link on the same Conference Registration page …TYPES of REGISTRATION: (see details below) 1) 3 day / 3 night "Conference and Hotel" Package Fee:   $ 661  3-day Conference Hotel Package: Nights of Oct. 12-14                    (Program with Room and Breakfast at Conference Hotel)Includes: Conference Program and all conference services listed below under "Conference Program Only", 3 nights room and breakfast (based on Double occupancy), all taxes and service fees. –  Single Room requests add per day (i.e. for 3 nights). Please Note: If you wish a double room and a roommate is not listed we will first attempt to match you with a roommate. However if none is available the single room rate will necessarily apply.- Hotel accommodations include full buffet breakfast per day; unlimited internet in room, free parking.- Lunches and Dinners are purchased separately (See below meal fees)- Breakfast is buffet and halal to accommodate diverse diets (vegetarian, poultry/fish, meat).- Check-in is Thursday, Oct. 12 and Check-out is Sunday, Oct. 15 noonAdditional Nights at hotel: This same conference room rate is also available for additional nights prior to and after the conference dates for participants who arrive earlier or leave later than the conference dates. – All arrangements for conference accommodations and conference meals at the special discounted rate and room block availability are handled directly by Common Bond Institute (CBI). Rate and availability are not offered outside the conference room block. If you wish more or less nights please contact us directly for fee details and to book at the discounted rate. – Advance notice is needed to hold rooms for any additional dates.- Hotel and meals are at the same rate for all participants. 2) Conference Program ONLY   * (For those who do not want accommodations).    $ 395  3-day Conference Program ONLY: Oct. 12-14           Please note that the above hotel room, meals, and related services are not included            under this option. For Meals see separate meal purchases below. Includes: Conference Program, social-cultural events, interpreters, materials, all site management and support services. 3) Meals ONLY (full breakfast is included in above Conference Hotel Package fees, but NOT in "Conference Program Only" fee). All conference meals are purchased through CBI. Prices include all taxes & service fees  $    19   ( 14 JD)  Individual Meals  (lunch or dinner)  $   27  ( 19 JD)  Farewell Dinner PartyMeals are buffet and halal to accommodate diverse diets (vegetarian, poultry/fish, meat)  How to Register On-Line:  1) Select type of registration from list above. Confirm your selected items, then click "Order Now" to move to the 2nd page and complete registration information (Note: A full, detailed summary of fees selected will also be provided by PayPal at the final stage of registration payment to print and retain).  2) Complete and confirm information requested on 2nd page of this form, then confirm and click "Continue" to move on to PayPal website for payment. You will receive a confirmation from Eventbrite of your registration and selections. Please PRINT THE CONFIRMATION for your records and bring to conference check-in on-site.  3) Process your payment through PayPal – by credit card or bank account withdrawl. At successful completion of payment PayPal will provide you with a receipt of your payment and items. Please PRINT THE RECEIPT for your records.  — This will be your Fee Payment Receipt and Confirmation. Please bring this printed receipt page to conference check-in on-site as verification in the event it is needed.  Please submit a SEPARATE REGISTRATION for EACH PERSON. Also please include Email and phone information with registration in the event we need to contact you regarding your registration.  Note: For your convenience, if you should experience any difficulties in processing payment through PayPal you can call their help line directly for assistance:1-888-221-1161  See below for FEE RATES and PAYMENT INFORMATION__________________________________________________ REGISTRATION  FEES  Note: full-time students receive 0 off listedFull Program fees. *All discounts are with proof of status at registration and check-in on site. EARLY Registration (- off Full Program fee if by September 12, 2017):   1) PACKAGE (with accommodations):       $ 636  3-Day Conference & Hotel Package   2)  $  370  3-Day Conference Program "ONLY" REGULAR Registration (after Sept. 19):  1) PACKAGE (with accommodations)                  $ 661  3-Day Conference Package   2)  $ 395  3-Day Conference Program "ONLY"______________________ DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE (off Regular full cost Conference Program Fee only): A) Early Registration Discount: discount off full cost Program fee by 9-12-17 (see above)  B) Presenters: 20% discount off full cost Program fee (excludes hotel & meals) C) Full-Time Students: receive 0 discount off above full cost Program fee. Proof of current full-time status is required at registration and at on-site check-in. D) Group Discount: discount each off above full cost Program fee for groups of 3 or more registering together (registering at the same time). E) Discount for generating Additional Full Cost registrations:    To assist in our efforts to subsidize attendance from economically impoverished societies, we offer a discount off above full cost Program fee to individuals for each additional FULL COST Regular or Student registration they generate (cannot be combined with group discount "D"). Registrants should list your name & address on their form. Rebates are given after all final payments received.  Note: Contact Common Bond Institute for information on options D and E. _________________________________________________◊ Tax Deductible Sponsorship of Key Participants to conference: Through Tax Deductible Contributions to our Subsidy and Scholarship Fund: The TT Conference is principally funded through registrations. To assist in promoting important inclusion, diversity, and accessibility we make every effort to include members of the refigee community, and low income students and colleagues from developing countries, by providing subsidies and scholarships when possible. To assist us in this we request and appreciate donations to our Subsidy and Scholarship fund. Organizations and groups are also encouraged to sponsor representatives and individuals to attend. Contributions are tax deductible on USA taxes, and can be made by check, money order, cashier's check, PayPal, or wire transfer to the International Humanistic Psychology Association.a US 501(c)3 federal nonprofit. Contact Common Bond Institute directly for all details at: 1-269-665-9393 or SOlweean@aol.com * A donation of: 5 allows 1 person from the above categories to fully participate in the 4 day program. 5 allows them to also receive all lunches, dinners, and the farewell dinner party.____________________________________________________________ ◊ Cancellation Policy: Refunds are given for cancellations received in writing by September 12, 2017, minus a 0 non-refundable administrative fee. After September 15 no refunds are possible. ◊ Assignments Are Possible:You may also assign your registration to someone else at no charge (assignments must be made prior to the conference date by original registering participant and confirmed in writing directly to Common Bond Institute). Common Bond Institute 12170 S. Pine Ayr Drive, Climax, Michigan 49034 USA Ph/Fax: 269-665-9393 E-mail: SOlweean@aol.com Web site: www.cbiworld.org ___________________________________________________________ ACCOMMODATIONS  (room, breakfast, and Internet):HOTEL: Retaj Hotel in Amman, Jordan. * All reservations at conference rate and room block are made directly through registrations with CBI.See full details on site at: www.cbiworld.org/home/conferences/tt/site/ TRAVEL: Information on travel to Amman and a recommended travel agent is also available at the above link.___________________________________________________________ ADVERTIZE:  www.cbiworld.org/advertise/    Order Forms For:          – Program Brochure Ads          – Participant Tote Bag ads          – Display Table Rentals ________________________________________________________________________________________  Conference Description   6th Annual Internationl Conference on  "Transgeneration Trauma:" Communal Wounds and Victim Identities October 12-14, 2017  ~  Amman, Jordan Conference Details at:  www.cbiworld.org/conferences/tt More Registration Information JOIN US FOR: A Sharing of SkillsTraining in practical skills and applications in current, real-world situations. A Focused Dialogue and DeliberationDefining and addressing the dynamics of inherited, unresolved communal trauma from one generation to the next, including historical understandings, the development and perpetuation of communal victim identities, exclusive cultural membership and rites of belonging, and implications for present and future relations between communities – particularly war and violence. A Search for New Models and MethodologiesDeveloping new culturally appropriate, practical models and methids at the societal level for healing and preventing communal trauma and it's transfer into future generations.  Transgenerational Trauma is seen as an underlying and potent fuel for the eruption of violence in the past, present, and future. Understanding its dynamics, influences, and implications, and developing new ways to effectively treat it, are essential to freeing ourselves of fear-based beliefs, healing and reconciliation within and between communities, establishing compassionate local and global relations, and achieving a true and sustainable culture of peace.Held in conjunction with: – Conducting the Social Health Care (SHC) training and treatment program – a model for building local capacity for healing communal trauma – Conducting a Disaster health Care Field Clinic providing emeergency psychosocial, medical, and dental services to the refugee population in Jordan. – The Global Network for the Study of Transgenerational Trauma –  a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary professional network engaged in the study of inherited, unresolved communal trauma, and the implications for violence and war within and between communities Sponsored by:Common Bond Institute, International Humanistic Psychology Association,International Federation of Medical Student Associations  Endorsed by:over 100 universities and professional organizations internationally Official Partner of:Charter For Compassion  &  Parliament of World's Religions Purpose and Goals Include:   – Promoting a collaborative global network of permanent working study groups with cross-cultural representation – essential to universal understanding and culturally appropriate applications – that cooperate on researching and addressing intergenerational trauma: the Global Network for the Study of Transgenerational Trauma.  – Providing an annual meeting place for these study groups to come together regularly to share knowledge and explore critical issues and applications.   – Development of culturally appropriate perspectives, treatment models, and methodologies at the societal level for healing and preventing the intergenerational transfer of unresolved trauma and communal victim identity, and training programs to teach these skills and understandings to individuals engaged in social healing.  – Supporting the Social Health Care (SHC) training and treatment program as an exemplary treatment model for developing societies that are regions of conflict where resources are scarce.  – Increase understanding, sensitivity, and appreciation of the implications of these psycho-social dynamics within and between communities, and how to help reduce and prevent the carry over of unresolved trauma and victim identity into subsequent generations. Vital to achieving this goal is providing public education to the general public, and enlisting the involvement, support, and cooperation of those profoundly influencing the next generation in learning societal identity, including parents, educators, religious leaders, cultural/societal representatives, those generating public media, etc.  – Creating and compiling a body of knowledge shared globally with practitioners and researchers from related human service and relationship fields (including mental health, medical health, sociology, cultural anthropology, education, political science, religion & spirituality, etc.), conflict transformation and peace building activists, government representatives, public policy makers, community leaders, religious leaders, other stakeholders, and the general public. Facilitated by a virtual platform created for collecting and archiving research, conference proceedings, publications, training and treatment programs, and related materials into a multi-media resource library – including a professional virtual journal with a blend of scholarship, insight, and practical application – for the professional and lay public, as well as to political/community leaders, public policy makers, and educational systems. The platform will offer virtual work space for study groups with members located at a distance from each other, and a member blog. FORMAT and CONTENT: The 3 day conference is a highly interactive learning community. Prepared workshops and presentations are designed to impart knowledge and skill, share research, and stimulate in-depth dialogue and deliberation leading to increased understanding, practical applications, and next steps.Dialogue and deliberation are the essential engines of the conference.As such, a central driving feature of the program is conducting focused topical panels, roundtables, and dialogue groups to actively engage all participants in addressing and investigating the many dimensions, symptoms, and implications of Transgenerational Trauma, and contributing their expertise, perspectives, and personal experiences. Program Components A 3 day Schedule of: * Keynote speakers, * Skills Workshops, * Topical panels and roundtables, * Practical, research, and theoretical breakout presentations, * Presentation of the Social Health Care training and treatment program, * Daily facilitated dialogue and action planning groups,* Live 2-way global links to remote groups in other countries,* Multicultural, interdisciplinary learning community,* Interactive all-conference experiences,* On-site blogging, * Social-Cultural events and performances, * Networking and cooperation building, * Displays, * Farewell dinner party Official Conference Languages:  English, with limited Arabic translation LOCATION:  Retaj Hotel, Amman, Jordan                           For DETAILS on Registration, Program, Accommodations, Travel, and Advertizing CONTACT:http://cbiworld.org/conferences/tt/    SOlweean@aol.com     1-269-665-9393    

at Retaj Hotel Amman
180 Zahran Street, Amman , Jordan
Amman, Jordan

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