Advanced Adwords Scripts 1

Advanced Adwords Scripts
Event on 2017-04-13 13:30:00
As AdWords accounts become bigger, using AdWord Scripts becomes increasingly important. You will already be uploading some scripts but this training session will put the power in your hands. By the end of the session we will have covered enough material for you to not only feel comfortable to write your own scripts but we'll teach you to become an independent coder who is able to research and discover knowledge for themselves!  We'll be looking at the main entities used in scripts e.g the AdWordsApp and the Utilities classes. You'll be learning the basic ingredients of AdWords scripts, such as how to retrieve and modify entities (e.g changing keyword bids, adding labels to campaigns) as well as other fundamental scripting ideas. About Brainlabs Training: Our training courses are like being back in school. Except they’re fun, the teachers won’t send you out for misbehaving, and everything you learn will be immediately useful. In our afternoon sessions you will learn a whole host of new skills and approaches to Paid Search. The training sessions will be based in our new office – The Lab – in Kings Cross and refreshments will be provided. Your trainers for this session will be Foluso Ogunlana and Phil Barber . After completing a degree in bio medical engineering at Imperial College London, Foluso, aka Bo joined the team at Brainlabs for a wild PPC technology adventure. Presently he works as a member of the much admired tech team deploying solutions for account managers and building creative new tools to add to the advertising space.  Phil has been with Brainlabs since joining as a graduate in the summer '15 intake. With a degree in Mathematics from Oxford University and having spent time working as part of a tech startup before, Phil became a member of Brainlabs’ pioneering Tech Team and is now one of the core developers of the AdWords to Bing program. Reviews of Brainlabs Training “Very friendly trainers. Very open to answer all questions.” “Hands-on exercises right from the start” “Based on campaign experience using real examples, statistical” “Great knowledge from the Brainlabs team”

at The Cross
Kings Cross
City of London, United Kingdom

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