Android Development

Android Development
Event on 2015-10-25 07:00:00
Course Description:
The Android operating system is changing our lives in so many ways, and also enabled enterprises to develop into big names in the IT business. Android has given us access to millions of apps which make our lives luxurious and opened gates for social networking. A boon in disguise, this technology is creating waves with smartphone experience and has developed into multiple versions from Cupcake 1.5 in 2009 to Lollipop 5.0 in 2013. The ease at which Android lets us download music, videos, games, apps and utilize skills like video chatting is simply mesmerizing. We @LearnSocial welcome you aboard to this extremely exciting world of Android application development which fetches you better prospects in the arena of software application development.

Android Development course @LearnSocial covers a wide range of topics which are necessary to cater to an extensive range of apps that are used today. @LearnSocial, we will start from the scratch covering the most recent version of Android along with the in-depth understanding of its development framework. In addition to this, our instructors will be assigning real time projects which will equip you with required skills, and will make you market ready. This will enable you to write feature-rich applications that may be engulfed in the Android market.

Course Objectives
Become conversant with the Android platform
Learn Android’s application framework and the APK application advantage
Learn about all the building blocks of Android
Incorporate user interface elements into Android applications
Know how to connect applications to the Web Servers using HTTP and JSON
Course Highlights
36 Hours of Live Instructor-Led Online Sessions
Real World Examples, Case Scenarios along with the explanation will be provided
1Major Real-time project will be allotted post-completion of the course
Assignments/Exercises will be given in each session
Quizzes and Assessments during the session will be given to track the progress
Course Prerequisites
Learner should have a prior knowledge of basic Object Oriented Programme concept
Microsoft Windows OS – 64 bit
Mac OS
Who can take this course?
Software Professionals

Tech Savvy(s)

Java Developers/ Professionals

Other Details

Project & Certification Process:

Towards the end of the course, the instructor will allot you real-time project to have a clear understanding of how to conceptualize and implement the real-world application. The instructor will provide constant support and assist you in completing the project assignment. On successful completion of this assignment, it will be reviewed by instructor and you will be awarded a certificate with performance based grading. After the instructor's review, if your project is not approved, then we will be providing you with extra assistance for any queries/doubts and let you reattempt it free of cost.

Course Delivery Method:

All our courses are live instructor led and interactive sessions handled by highly reputed and experienced professionals from industry giants such as Microsoft, Google, IBM etc.

All the classes are conducted through LIVE Video Streaming, where learners can interact with the instructor by speaking, chatting and sharing screen

We use all kind of modern tools and equipment to train you for the course. Instructor trains learners by sharing their screen and through other technology tools.

In addition to this, our instructors will track your learning in a step by step procedure to make you an expert in the field.

Before the start of every session, our instructors recap the previous class session to reinforce the concepts in the minds of learners.

We pay utmost attention to each feedback, reviews and ratings of yours and proactively take the required action on your grievances.

All you need is a PC with a webcam, microphone and a 1 MBPS internet connection to attend the LIVE classes. However, we have seen people attending the classes from a much slower internet.

Discover the Peer Advantage:

Here, @LearnSocial, our objective is not restricted to online learning, but also to offer you with the best course experience.

Your journey with our interactive instructor-led online courses will position you among some of the brightest and most qualified group of people.

Properly channelized networking within unidirectional individuals like you @Learn Social acts as an advantage when you seek job opportunities in this vast sector of Android application development.

The course system @Learn Social is definitely going to be the learning practice of a lifetime for you.

What's in it for me (WIIFM)?

Huge potential in the smart phone market for Android platform

Strategy Analytics estimates that the Android platform claimed nearly 79 percent of smartphone market share in 2013. Engadget (

Wide range of Organizations, ranging from start-ups to top notch MNCs, are looking to hire Android Developers

For beginners, the instructor ensures a comfortable pace to explain the coding related concepts

Instructors will be assigning the learners with the assessment modules to track their progress

Fresher(s) gets the exposure to learn and excel in the fundamentals as well as the advanced framework of Android

To Professional(s), it would add up to/enhance their competency which thereby will help them succeed in their respective careers

Value addition to your resume as you gain expertise after taking this course

Can join discussion room/forums where you can interact with other learners and take your queries

Freshers can become Industry ready in just few weeks.

Will be having an ongoing relationship to update you for new course releases

at Webinar- Online

Hyderābād, India

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