Beach Coders Front End Web Development Live Coding Immersive

Beach Coders Front End Web Development Live Coding Immersive
Event on 2015-12-01 09:30:00
— About — Beach Coders is offering a four-week, weekdays course for beginners interested in programming and web development. The course will be aimed at those with a familiarity with computers and the internet, who may (or may not) have tried to teach themselves some programming or built their own websites, but who have little or no formal technical training. Classroom time will be split between concept lectures, live-coding along with an instructor, and collaborative, project-based work with other beginner developers. Throughout the class we will: Introduce tools such as a code editor, the browser console, and the terminal Gain mastery of creating static websites using HTML and CSS Learn fundamental programing concepts by using JavaScript to solve coding challenges Use JS and jQuery in the browser environment to add dynamic behavior to our web pages Begin to understand the web ecosystem by exploring the browser environment and client/ server interaction.   By the end of the course, students should have a strong foundational understanding of programming, be able to create their own simple web sites and web applications, and be ready to apply to a full stack programming school if they wish to pursue a career as a web developer. If you’ve ever wanted to take the plunge into programming, this is a great opportunity to join a community of friendly, motivated beginners in a fun and low-pressure environment. Please reach out to for more information. 
— Class Schedule — 
 The total course time is 60 hours. We typically meet 
Mon – Friday: 9:30am – 12:30pm for 4 consecutive weeks and will make schedule adjustments in the case of holidays by extending some course days. 
— FAQ — 

 Am I at the right level for this class? 
 This class is designed to be accessible for everyday computer users with a strong interest, but little to no prior experience with programming. However those with more experience will find that core concepts are covered at a deep enough level to provide plenty of value. For example, you may know some HTML, but do you know how the browser fetches that information from a web server, parses it, creates an in-memory model of the web page, and then renders it in a viewport for a user to see? If you take this class, you’ll find out! Although it is not required, we highly recommend that you complete the Codecademy Javascript track. Finishing the HTML/CSS track would be useful too. 

Do I need to bring a laptop? What kind? 
 In order to fully participate in the class, you will want to bring your own computer to code with. If you don’t have one, however, we will try to pair you with another student who does. For many reasons, an Apple Macbook laptop will make your life a lot easier (it is the industry standard), but those with Windows or Linux machines are still welcome, with the caveat that some installation and command line operations will be at times frustrating. Who will be teaching the course? 
Incredibly competent instructors from Beach Coders will be leading and supporting your classwork. 

I can't make it this time. When will the next one be? 
 We're not sure yet, however we will announce new dates as they are structured. Sign up for the waitlist to get more info when we have it. Are there any options for remote attendance? 
 No. Unfortunately, you cannot attend remotely. 

 If the class is full, is there a waitlist?
  There is! If we don't get you in this time, we'll reserve a spot for you in our next course. Sign up here!  What is your cancellation policy? Please view our terms page at Where do I direct my other questions?  Please email

at El Segundo
615 North Nash Street
El Segundo, United States

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