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BECOME A USER EXPERIENCE (UX) DESIGNER Learn how to get an creative, well-paid job as User Experience (UX) designer within a couple of months of part-time effort without following any formal education! We’ll show you how through practice and self-study you can learn core UX skills, build your first portfolio of creative projects, prepare for the interview and finally – land that first job as UX designer. Join us for this fun, hands-on workshop, discover an exciting new field of UX and change your life. Places limited! What you’ll learn Overview of digital design landscape and careers UX Design and why work as UX designer 10-step plan to getting your first UX job Key skills, concepts and theory of UX Building your first project portfolio Preparing for the interview and landing your first UX job UX reading list, tools, resources and communities Your instructor My name is Martin Ahe. Graduating from a business school, I soon found myself feeling stuck at the job I didn’t enjoy. I was dreaming of an exciting, creative career at a technology company, but unable to code and with no means to pursue another degree, I felt like those career options were unattainable. So I embarked on a transformative journey to teach myself the new skills I needed. Through working on my own on 5 creative projects and reading the right books, I was able to build my first portfolio and after 7 years – to finally land a job as a UX Designer at McKinsey Digital Labs. Looking back, I can clearly see how following the right approach I could have done it in 2-3 months. I want to show you how. I am teaching this course because I wish someone was there to teach it to me. What UX designers do? User Experience designers are in charge of how products and services actually work and feel. One day you may be designing a new mobile fitness app and the next – you’re working on a better loyalty program for a major airline. Surprisingly, the approach is the same and we will teach it to you. It’s an exciting, diverse and cross-disciplined career path, combining psychology, user research, graphic design, animation, copywriting and more. UX professionals are highly in demand and form a core part of product teams at startups, creative agencies and tech companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Tesla and others. It’s consistently ranked among the highest paid and most sought-after jobs around the world. Watch this video (2:00) for some inspiration. Schedule Morning coffee, welcome and introductions UX career overview What is User Experience? Why it’s one of the most fascinating jobs? Project examples Day in a life of UX Designer Salaries, industries, companies, trends Key terminology 10-step plan to becoming a UX Designer Catered lunch Hands-on working on a real UX challenge Introduction to Human Centered Design Conducting research Coming up with creative ideas Quick and dirty prototyping Gathering feedback quickly High-resolution interactive prototypes Optimizing through Usability Testing Presenting your project Building your first Portfolio 5 design projects Publishing and presenting your portfolio Getting your first UX Design job Putting together a new resume Presenting your portfolio Finding UX jobs Nailing your design interview Deepening your knowledge Reading list UX resources UX communities FAQ What background do I need to have to qualify? Do I need to have previous experience in IT or Design? Your background can help you, but there are no requirements – UX is such a new field that most active practitioners came from entirely different walks in life. If you're an avid technology user and get excited about the idea of finding creative solutions to interesting problems – this course is for you.   Who should attend? Best UX designers come from all walks of life and all ages. If you enjoy technology and get excited about the idea of creating solutions that help people live better lives, you should attend.   Am I guaranteed a job? We will provide you with the roadmap of becoming a UX designer, but whether or not you get a job after the workshop depends entirely on your own effort after the workshop. There are no guarantees, but UX Designers are highly in demand – so if you’re driven, motivated and willing to work hard, there’s no reason why you should not be able to find a job after the course.   Will there be food and refreshments? We will serve lunch, tea, coffee, refreshments and snacks. Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies.   What should I bring with me? You may want to grab your notebook, a pen and a phone for pictures – all other materials including prototyping materials will be provided to you.   Will I get a diploma? No, you don’t need that to get a job in UX. We will show you why, give you a full head-first introduction into the field as well as a detailed step-by-step guide to getting your first job in UX. How can I get in touch with the organizers? Please use the form on Eventbrite. "This workshop provided me with the knowledge and clarity of what I needed to do to build my first portfolio. After just 2 months I was able to quit my sales job and got an amazing offer to be a UX Designer! I can't recommend it enough."   – Lucile, UX Designer @ CONDÉ NAST "This workshop saved me a lot of time and money. I was about to pay my Art School tuition, but as I learned – there was a much faster way to become a designer! Martin provides a very clear path to building your first portfolio, a awesome reading list and all the guidance to doing it. Money well spent!" – Lisa, UX Designer @ PUBLICIS "I learned so much! It really shows how passionate Martin is about helping people – I left feeling extremely motivated, excited and ready to change my career." – Ronald, UX Designer @ VIRGIN GROUP    Please keep in mind that all information is subject to changes. All ticket purchases are final and cannot be cancelled or refunded. Please let us know in advance if you’d like to transfer your ticket.

15 Canada Square
Docklands, United Kingdom

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