Bing's new recipe badges show you which images you can cook

Bing's new recipe badges show you which images you can cook
Microsoft today added an interesting new feature to Bing called recipe badges. In short, when you're searching for food, Bing will now indicate which images have a recipe attached so you can cook, bake, or fry what you see. Bing Image Search now …
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Bing Ads Remarketing Now Available For Search And Shopping Campaigns
With remarketing in Bing Ads, you can serve ads on Bing and Yahoo search results (if the impression is served through Bing Ads) to users who have visited your website. It's similar to RLSA in AdWords, but the remarketing extends to product ads in …
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Remarketing Now Available to Bing Ads Advertisers
Guys, remarketing is absolutely essential in today's online advertising landscape. Now, Bing Ads is offering remarketing to Bing Ads advertisers as of yesterday (read the official blog post here), another great step forward for Bing and great news for …
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