Brain Medicine: Travel & Learning

Brain Medicine: Travel & Learning
Event on 2016-06-15 18:00:00
Please Join Us! Did you know that mental exercise, especially learning new things or pursuing activities that are intellectually stimulating has been shown to strengthen brain cell networks and help preserve mental functions? Science has shown the brain WANTS to learn, and by traveling or trying something fresh and different you can activate parts of the brain that have been falling into disuse. Studies even suggest that doing so may stimulate and improve many neural processes. So what can you do? What can you afford? Who should you do it with? This session will guide you through the why’s of learning and traveling beyond your youth. We will also touch upon many unique options and tools available to you at all ages- and talk about how it is you might connect your financial objectives to help you forge new experiences to keep you young. 6:00- Cocktails/Appetizers 6:30- Begin Discussion Life on purpose is the idea that by asking the right questions can help you think in new, deeper ways that inspire better clarity and direction. It's the thought that money is a tool, and if you don't know how to use it, or what you hope to make with it, it's pretty useless.  The Life on Purpose Education Series is meant to deliver you the information and thinking you need to envision and build a life by your design. Education Series List  Social Security- November 4th, 2015 Planning for Housing: Aging and it's Financial Implications- April 21st, 2016 Brain Medicine: Travel & Learning- June 15th, 2016 Rightsizing; Simplifying Stuff & Maintaining Memories- September 8th, 2016 Live Long & Prosper: Your Health- October 26th, 2016 Semi-Retirement- December 8th, 2016 Your Legacy: Transitioning Wisdom & Wealth to the Next Generation- February 8th, 2017

at Crown Colony
300 Crown Colony Dr
Quincy, United States

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