Bringing Container Innovation to New Zealand | Auckland

Bringing Container Innovation to New Zealand | Auckland
Event on 2016-04-19 08:30:00
Discover why containers are the future of the tech stack ViFX is excited to announce that we are bringing to New Zealand container expert Ben Corrie, Senior Staff Engineer at VMware and Principal Investigator of vSphere Integrated Containers (formerly Project Bonneville). Discover how Docker containers and VMware work together to enable enterprise deployments of cloud-native applications. See a demonstration on how containers can be used, not just for the most modern of applications, but for almost any application. Takeaway practical tips on how VMware based containers can be expanded with Docker Swarm Clustering, Network Overlays, Persistent Container Storage, and Multi-Datacentre Deployments.

at Aotea Centre
50 Mayoral Drive
Auckland, New Zealand

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