BRISK Certified Penetration Tester Live Class room training on Weekends at Chennai

BRISK Certified Penetration Tester Live Class room training on Weekends at Chennai
Event on 2016-04-27 10:00:00
Course Description: About Advanced Penetration Testing  This course is the capstone of the Cybersecurity specialization offered by the Brisk Infosec Solutions LLP (Affiliated by National Cyber Defance Research Center). The aim is to give learners hands-on experience, building on what they have learned during the specialization courses. This pentest training course is not just about scanning website and network. Its about to learn the security testing in black hat prespective to become perfect security tester.   This course will give you the basic background, terminology and fundamental concepts that you need to understand in order to build modern full stack Basic Ethical hacking, Web applications, Network pentest . A full stack of security tester should be familiar with each "layer" of the software technologies involved in a web application, Network, including data modeling and database technologies, the web server environment and middleware components, network protocols, the user interface and basic visual design and user interaction concepts. BISE is an Intermediate course which will gives outline of System, Network, Web, Mobile and Forensics domain. Webapp pentest course was designed based on advanced OWASP concepts which will gives hands on experience in OWASP tools, Burp Suite and Kalilinux 2.0. Network Pentest course was designed based on NIST, PTES standard. All advanced scanning and detailed exploitation steps will follow in this domain.  Participating in the course gives learners the chance to be part of research on understanding how to better build secure Network/Web application. They may also submit resumes accessible to corporate sponsors, for potential internship and employment opportunities. Course Objectives: After completing this course, you will be able to: know more compliance and penetration test process and checklists Identify the most significant and prevalent security flaws that impact web applications & Network applications. Explain mitigation techniques to remediate common security flaws in your web application. Understand OWASP Testing Guide 4.0 vulnerabilities and testing techniques Handle web app pentest project & network application Cover ISO 27001, PCI:DSS etc.. Pentest requirement     Brisk Information Security Expert ( BISE)       Introduction to Ethical Hacking       Introduction to Kali Linux       Networking Basics & Protocol Description       Information Gathering       Scanning       Google Hacking       Windows Hacking       Virus and Malwares       Proxy Servers for Hacking & Security       Social Engineering        DOS & DDOS       Sniffing       Cryptography & Steganography       Wireless Hacking       Firewalls Honey Pots & IDS/IPS       Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VA/PT)       Web Application Pentest with OWASP       SQL Injection       Cross Site Scripting       Exploiting Writing with Metasploit       Email Hacking       Mobile Phone Hacking       Incidents Handling and Response       BISE Job & Exam Brisk Webapp Penetration Tester ( BWPT ) Introduction and Penetration Test Process Information Gathering Configuration and Deployment Management Testing Identity Management Testing Authentication Testing Authorization Testing Session Management Testing Input Validation Testing Testing for Error Handling Testing for weak Cryptography Business Logic Testing Client Side Testing Reporting Brisk Network Penetration Tester ( BNPT )  Kali Linux Basics The Bash Environment Netcat the Almighty Using Wireshark  ARP Spoofing Buffer Overflow Exploitation  Working with Exploits Transferring Files Exploit frameworks Client Side Attacks Port Fun Password Attacks Review Course Details: –   Brisk Information Security Expert – 30 hrs  Course Duration 30hrs Course Free 20000/-   Network Penetration Testing – 40 hrs Course Duration 45hrs  Course Fee 35000/-   Web-Application Penetration Testing – 48 hrs Course Duration 48hrs  Course Fee 35000/-   Actual Fees =20000/- + 35000/- +35000/- = 90000/- Course Duration      = 30+40 +48 =123 Hours   Special Discounted Fee for Early Bird Registration – 70000/-  Registration Fee – 10000    Early bird registration dead line 05-03-16 (Saturday)   Total no.of days 16 (8 Weekends) Please contact us related to custom class schedule (Date and Time etc.)   Payment options – 2 part of payments acceptable  1st day 35000  4th day 35000       Fees inclusive of Exam fees Training fees Hard and soft copy of materials Tools  Morning and evening break refreshments    Payment Mode – Accept only cash Fees inclusive of : Course fees Hard and Soft copy of Materials Exam Fees Service Tax Short break Refreshments Venue: Brisk Infosec Solutions LLP #54, Nelson Manickam Rd, Thiruvalluvar Puram, Choolaimedu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600094 Contact: Thomas     – 8608634123 Land Line – 044 4352 4537 Feel free to contact us for Demo class, Registration queries comments etc. Contact: Suriya         – 080561 87318  

Nelsonmanichem Road, Choolaimedu, Landmark:Baroda Bank, Muthoot finance , Door No. 54, Vada Agaram,
Chennai, India

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