British Shooting – Target Sprint – GB Ranking #1

British Shooting – Target Sprint – GB Ranking #1
Event on 2017-03-11 10:00:00
British Shooting will be selecting for the Target Sprint World Championships in Suhl, Germany (23-25 June 2017). The total team size will be dependent on the ISSF entry criteria for national governing bodies and the British Shooting Target Sprint Selection Panel. For 2017 British Shooting will only be selecting from the Junior age group and therefore the 2017 British Shooting Ranking Competitions and Selection will reflect this. In accordance with ISSF Rule 3.3.6 Juniors are athletes who will be under the age of 21 on December 31st in the year of the competition. Therefore, athletes who become 21 in 2017 are seniors and not eligible for GB selection for the Target Sprint World Championships. The minimum age for athlete selection will be in accordance to the ISSF World Championships criteria. Selected athletes will be eligible to compete at the World Championships as an Individual and part of a Team. Same gender and mixed gender team competitions will be available. However, Senior athletes can take part in this Ranking event and contribute to Senior Men and Senior Female Ranking Lists. Senior athletes won't be eligible for the Junior Final Ranking Day at Yate Outdoor Sports Complex on Sunday 21st May, but will be eligible to enter the concurrent National Event Series Races that day. An athlete can participate in the ranking series of competitions, even if they are not available for international selection. But must notify the organisers at the Final Ranking Day.   Ranking Competitions – Important information ·     All athletes – Course: 3x 400m and 2x 10m Air Rifle shot at 35mm Knockdown Targets. ·     Equipment used provided by the event organiser or Air Rifles meeting the ISSF Target Sprint Rules 6.2. can be used. (Organisers Air Rifles will be Air Arms MPR) ·     Races will take place between 12-2pm. Coaching available in the morning from 10am and before race starts. ·     Athletes will be contacted 7 days before the event via the email address given upon entry with their Race Start Time. If you haven’t heard from the event organiser by the Wednesday preceding the event, please contact ·     One race start per athlete per Ranking Event. An athlete can take part in 1, 2 or all 3 ranking events below. Ranking Competitions will count towards Selection eligibility: ·     #1 Ranking Event:   Rugeley Rifle Club (WS151BL)   11 March 2017 – (Closing date Sun 5th March) ·     #2 Ranking Event:   Rugeley Rifle Club (WS151BL)   8 April 2017 – (Closing date Sun 2nd April) ·     #3 Ranking Event:   Rugeley Rifle Club (WS151BL)   13 May 2017- (Closing date Sun 7th May) Junior Women, Junior Men, Senior Women and Senior Men’s ranking lists will be collated from the athlete’s fastest time in one of the above ranking competitions and published on the British Shooting website. The Top 10 Junior Women and Top 10 Junior Men will be invited on Monday 15th May via email, to attend the Final Selection Day, which is mandatory if the athlete wishes to be considered for international selection. Final Ranking Day – Participation is mandatory if to be considered for GB Selection ·     Final Ranking Day     Yate Outdoor Sports Complex, South Glos.           21 May 2017 All athletes will race twice on the Final Ranking Day, with sufficient time between each race. All results will be published on the British Shooting website. Athletes will be notified if they have been selected by the end of May 2017. To view more information about GB Target Sprint Selection 2017, please click here.     FAQs 2017 Target Sprint Selection Policy For more detailed information about the 2017 GB Selection Policy, please follow the links below. GB Target Sprint Selection Policy 2017 (2017 Specific) GB Target Sprint Selection Policy 2017 Update Can I bring my own air rifle? For all Ranking competitions ISSF Target Sprint Rule 6.2 will be applied. (6.2. Air Rifles – Sport Class II. Max weight 4.5kg, Trigger pull unlimited, Adjustment aperture non-optical rear sight, Non-optical front sight with interchangeable inserts, Pneumatic CO or compression air, Single loading (no repeater or magazine rifles). Event equipment control will reflect this. Additionally, the organiser can supply rifle equipment and will be Air Arms MPR. What is the minimum age? Athletes can compete if they were born in 2006, but no younger. Selection will be based on the ISSF ruling for the Target Sprint World Championships 2017. Can I enter more than one Ranking Competition? Yes. But you can only race once at each of the three Open Ranking Events. Can I race more than once on one day?  No. Your entry is for one race start only per the Ranking Event you have entered. Will I be contacted before the event? Yes, the event organiser will contact you at least 7 days before the event and/or following the event closing date. Can I compete in a Ranking Event even if I can't attend the Final Ranking Day? Yes, just please notify the event organiser as soon as possible. Do I need to bring anything to the event? After entering you will be added to the list of entrants, so no need to bring your event confirmation. Just wear suitable clothing and footwear for a running and shooting event. What is your refund policy? No refunds will be available. Do I have to have experience of shooting? No. Limited coaching will be available as part of the day. If I get selected, am I eligible for funding? An athlete selected by British Shooting to attend an international competition has no automatic right to any form of funding from British Shooting. Attendance at the competition will always depend on the availability of adequate funds. Following athlete selection, British Shooting will work with selected athletes to help to identify funding options where possible, to support their preparations and participation at the Target Sprint World Championships 2017. I have a question for the organiser. Please email  

at Rugeley Rifle Club
Wharf Road
Rugeley, United Kingdom

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