Build an Online Store with WooCommerce

Build an Online Store with WooCommerce
Event on 2015-11-05 18:00:00
WooCommerce is the #1 WordPress-based Ecommerce engine.  From straight-forward products like T-shirts and hats, to more complex configurable products like computers, to downloadable digital media, and even time – you can sell it online with WooCommerce. In this hands-on workshop taught by Anca Mosoiu, you'll build an online store through which you can sell a variety of products, using WordPress and WooCommerce.   What will you learn and do? In 4 weeks (during approximately 40 hours of class and homework assignments), you'll build a complete ecommerce solution. Each Tuesday and Thursday evening, we'll meet for a lecture, a group discussion and a working session. You'll  spend some time actually building your store under guidance from our instructor. Optional "homework" assignments are available for those who want to deepen their knowledge or have a more complicated shop. Expect to spend about 4 hours each week working on your store outside the class.  Week 1: ECommerce and Product basics.  You'll set up a payment gateway, learn about PCI compliance, and start designing your storefront by setting up your products.  Along the way, we'll explore WooCommerce's product model, including the basic and variable products, digital downloadable products, and more complex concepts provided through premium add-ons. Week 2: Minimum Viable Storefront. You'll add your products to your website, and explore a number of themes that work well with WooCommerce. You'll set up the fulfillment process, including checkout, shipping, taxes, downloads, basic emails, and the order processing. Week 3: Customizing and Extending WooCommerce. With a basic understanding of WordPress theming and some programming know-how, you can really make your online shop exactly what you want.  We'll dive into the code by customizing the online product catalog, the checkout process, and more by looking at the extensive collection of WooCommerce action hooks and filters.  Week 4: Measurements, Add-Ons, Performance and Demos Learn to measure the performance of your store by collecting and analyzing your data. We will also look at a variety of add-ons, which implement specialized features and some extremely useful utilities. The final day will include a conversation about performance and security.  The workshop will close with optional demos of your shops. Who is this class for? This class is for people who have a product they need to sell online, or those who are building an online store for a client. If you are looking for hands-on help with getting up and running with WooCommerce, this is a perfect opportunity. While there will be a sample shop you can build, attendees who come with a project in mind will get the most out of the experience. Prerequisites: Basic WordPress knowledge, such as where to find the settings, upload themes and plugins, create content and menus, and configure widgets. This is NOT a good class for WordPress beginners. A working, local WordPress development environment.  You may use a server-based sandbox, but this will slow you down.  For customizing the look and feel, basic CSS will help. Basic ability and willingness to read code. If you have developed a theme or plugin and know PHP, this class will rapidly expand your ability to make things with WooCommerce and WordPress.  About Anca Anca Mosoiu is a WordPress developer who loves to build sites and applications that stretch the capabilities of the world's most popular web publishing tool. In 2009, she founded Tech Liminal, where anyone from the community can come and learn more about WordPress through support groups, one-on-one coaching, workshops like this one. Note: This workshop will run if 4 or more people register. We will refund your money in full if we don't meet our minimum registration requirement one week before the event. Therefore, the first 4 people get a discount. So do Tech Liminal members. Note 2: Contact us if you would like to get a 1-on-1 version of this workshop, or run it for a small team. We can set up a custom schedule just for you.

at Tech Liminal
555 12th St (Enter on Clay near 11th St next to Penelopes) , #110
Oakland, United States

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