Business Planning, Partnership, and Leadership: Monetize Your Passion

Business Planning, Partnership, and Leadership: Monetize Your Passion
Event on 2015-11-12 09:00:00
Business Planning, Partnership, and Leadership Management for Entrepreneurs: Monetize Your Passion Are you an entrepreneur that has a passion for what you do, but has challenges turning it into a sustainable source of revenue? Do you face challenges in the ever changing, confusing corporate world? Do you have a business model based on a strong financial foundation?  Are you looking for new ways to generate leads and convert them to sales, prospecting, reaching your business and personal goals? Looking to find investors and raise capital? If you want to be successful in monetizing your passion, sign up to this interactive workshop on effective business planning and marketing strategies, leadership management and financial modeling for entrepreneurs, by Dr. Aaron Levy: Learn to how better plan, market, organize, raise capital, and lead your business; balance your business and personal life while turning your passion into a sustainable revenue stream. Each ticket secures admission to a full day workshop, a copy of the Revenue Tool business simulation modeling system, (valued at 5), training in a group as well as one on one, and customization of the business simulation model. Benefits and Outline of Key Course Elements: Key principles in forming, planning, managing and marketing your business Partnership: How to form and manage good partnerships Free download of “Revenue Tool”, our business planning and modeling package (5 Value) Customization of your own business simulation model, based on your specific needs and market Learn effective marketing, social media & growth strategies Sales cycle training: Learn the effective sales cycle process to convert and close on leads Learn how to search, identify, target and present to investors Learn key financial principles for non-financial entrepreneurs: sales forecasts, cost of sales, gross profit, operational costs, net profit, cash flow, and financial ratios of influencing factors.  Learn how to overcome common hurdles and to avoid 'paralysis by analysis' Learn better time management for today’s market and key elements for avoiding distractions Develop your value proposition – The foundation of authentic self-promotion. Crowdfunding: Learn key trends and effective tools to raise money online Learn about key human factors in partnerships, building and training teams and negotiation Learn to balance work and personal life Crises management and conflict resolution Q&A session with Dr. Levy about your specific business questions Entrepreneurs lead innovation and form new businesses. However, many entrepreneurs struggle to turn their creativity into a thriving business in today’s competitive and fast moving world. With the right guidance, a sound financial business plan, and ways to better balance business and personal life, entrepreneurs can turn their talents and passions into sustainable revenue streams. In this interactive full day business workshop, Dr. Aaron Levy, an expert CEO and mentor for entrepreneurs, will provide you with the foundation of business modeling, planning and growth.  You will receive a copy of our master financial business model “Revenue Tool,” and lessons to customize the model to your own business, both in a group setting, and one on one interaction. This workshop is beneficial for business owners and entrepreneurs in wide range of industries, including but not limited to retail and consumer, food and hospitality, healthcare, medical professionals, technology and manufacturing, apparel, fashion, jewelry, modeling, media and entertainment, business services, consulting, contractors, and real estate. Dr. Aaron Levy will share emerging economic and new business principles important to help you better deal with and prepare for economic variables. You will be exposed to concepts such as lateral thinking, game theory, consumer behavior, selling effectively and financial modeling through interactive business simulation exercises, as well as sales strategies, marketing, and operational strategies. You will also have the opportunity for Q&A throughout the course. REQUIREMENTS Laptop and Excel software or access to the Internet and a Microsoft OneDrive Account. Dr. Aaron Levy BIO Dr. Levy is the founder and CEO of Emerging Transformational Ventures.  A turnaround CEO, an innovative technologist, and a published author with global operational experience, Dr. Levy led several privately held and publicly traded companies as CEO, president, director, and adviser, ranging from startups to multi-million dollar global firms. He developed and marketed products, built and trained international sales teams, managed manufacturing facilities, and led organizational restructuring. At ETV Global Dr. Levy and his team assists entrepreneurs, business owners and corporations in organizational cultural improvement, strategic development, process efficiencies, sales, marketing and media, business planning, financial modeling, and partnerships. He comes across many business partners in many industries and learned the solutions to challenges these partners face. Dr. Levy holds a PhD in management, leadership and organizational change, a Bachelor’s of Science and a Master's of Science in Engineering.  A patent holder for a manufacturing process, Dr. Levy authored "Factors Influencing CEOs" (2010) and "Digital Printing" (3rd ed. 2004).  He guides CEOs, business owners/entrepreneurs, and individuals in business development strategies, restructuring, venture partnerships, and financial business simulation modeling as a foundation for executing effective marketing and strategies. TESTIMONIALS Jay Levin, Founder of LA Weekly "I invited Dr. Aaron Levy to speak at the CEO Peer Group Advisory Board that I lead and facilitate. The group consists of a dozen CEOs whose companies are in various stages of growth and development, and the topic of a far more sophisticated way to analyze and manage their budgets and growth was highly appealing to them when I suggested we invite Dr. Levy. His presentation was remarkably illuminating and so engaging that the entire group asked that we discard our agenda and allow Dr. Levy to keep presenting for hours more than planned. Boiled down, Dr. Levy combines a treasure load of original and incisive thinking with vast knowledge of every facet of business. And he presents (call it a performance) as one of the most compelling business speakers one can imagine. Each CEO said later it was high up as perhaps the best and most eye-opening business teachings they had experienced." – Jay Levin, Founder of LA Weekly More Testimonials: QUESTIONS  Contact us at 

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