Certified Scrum Master with Innovation Games

Certified Scrum Master with Innovation Games
Event on 2016-09-19 08:30:00
Earn 2 certifications during this interactive, dynamic two-day course Your instructor, Jason Tanner, will share proven, real-world experiences and techniques for implementing Scrum and show you how you can be successful with Scrum. Through short, focused lectures that examine each piece of the Scrum framework, the class will engage in several small group activities using Conteneo’s Innovation Games and Collaboration Frameworks to reinforce each topic and maximize your understanding and retention of Scrum. You will learn from Jason's experiences, and the experiences of other attendees, what works and what does not work with Scrum.  Throughout the course, you will learn several Innovation Games® to increase your effectiveness with Scrum.  Further, you will have a blast learning as there is absolutely NO PowerPoint in this class.   Learn more about Conteno’s Innovation Games and Collaboration Frameworks: http://conteneo.co/innovation-games/ Learning Objectives: Apply the values of Scrum. Describe each piece of the Scrum framework, its' purpose and interaction with the other pieces of the framework. Explain the rights, responsibilities and interactions of each role in Scrum: Team Member, Product Owner and ScrumMaster. Describe how Stakeholders interact with the Scrum Team. Identify the main obstacles to using Scrum and the challenges for sustaining Scrum in your organization. Practice applying ScrumMaster skills and thinking to solve day-to-day issues and challenges. Watch Scrum in action as the framework of Scrum will be used to deliver the course material. Draw a diagram describing the Scrum framework, highlighting all meetings, roles and artifacts. Learn how to facilitate using collaboration frameworks in order to maximize participation and create insights, build empathy and drive action. Learn how to select frameworks optimal for solving a variety of problems, use them to process  results effectively. What you will receive from this course: A detailed student workbook full of custom exercises, activities and course summaries that capture the essential points you need to learn and comprehend to pass the Certified ScrumMaster assessment. Documented Scrum case studies explaining how Scrum was used to create successful outcomes and improved teams. A reading list of great books to jump start your continuing education on topics such as how to do Scrum better, scaling Scrum, distributed Scrum, estimating and planning, Lean Thinking, facilitation, collaboration, communication and other essential topics. Thought-provoking articles related to the role of ScrumMaster, the challenges associated with doing Scrum, identifying waste in your business, the Agile Manifesto, how Scrum was used to rescue a troubled project and facilitating change. A forty-five minute, personalized question and answer session with a Scrum expert at the conclusion of the first day to answer your specific questions about Scrum and how to get started in your company. Two-year membership with the Scrum Alliance providing access to additional articles, case studies and templates authored by other Scrum practitioners like yourself along with discounts to Scrum events and conferences. One-year subscription to Conteneo’s Collaboration Cloud Who should attend: Any person who is interested in learning more about Scrum or wants to make Scrum work better for their Team or organization, is encouraged to attend.  While the focus of the class is for people who want to learn how to leverage the Scrum framework to bring about change, any member of the Team or the organization who is interested in how to use Scrum would find this class useful.  Typical attendees in the past have been functional managers, Team leads, analysts, architects, engineers, software developers, directors, testers and other roles that support product development. Certifications: Scrum Alliance CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) credit This course also allows students to claim 14 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) toward the Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) designation. 120 Experience credits in the Certified Collaboration Architect program—equivalent to an Orange Belt. Certified ScrumMaster® Test You will become a Certified ScrumMaster® once you pass the CSM test. After you receive your welcome email, you have two opportunities within 90 days to pass the test at no cost.  After up to two attempts within 90 days, there’s a charge for each additional attempt. The questions on the CSM test are based on theCSM Content Outline Learning Objectivesestablished for this course. You may also want to refer to the Agile Atlas, not only for the test but also as you apply Scrum every day. You must answer 24 of the 35 multiple choice questions correctly to pass. Plan to spend about an hour on the test, although you don’t need to take it all at one time. You can stop and restart as many times as you need. You can also skip, go back, and bookmark questions to review later. If you have any unanswered questions, you’ll see a warning message when you click “submit.” Once you submit your answers, your test results will immediately appear on your screen. It's an open book, online test and needs to be completed within 30 days of completion of the class. https://www.scrumalliance.org/certifications/practitioners/certified-scrummaster-csm Your Instructor: Jason Tanner Jason joined Applied Frameworks (formerly Enthiosys) as a Senior Consultant in 2008 and has over 23 years of professional experience with software companies, a telecommunications company and the Marine Corps. His expertise spans Agile software product management, product marketing, business planning, partner management, project management and leadership. As general manager in his most recent position, Jason held responsibility for all aspects of an IT chargeback product including product management, product marketing, pre/post-sales support and training. He worked with multiple clients ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to government agencies to universities enabling their adoption of new technology and methods to optimize their IT organizations. His prior position with a startup software company included experience migrating from waterfall to Agile development methods. Jason collaborated closely with engineering to integrate product management into the Agile workflow. He has presented a synopsis of this experience for a software marketing conference and via webinar. Jason is an active member of the Agile User Group in Research Triangle Park the Triangle Product Management Association in Raleigh, NC and the North Carolina Council for Entrepreneurial Development. He frequently speaks for the Product Management View webinar series, at user group meetings and for the Atlanta Agile Project Leadership Network. He holds a BS degree in mechanical and aeronautical engineering from Cornell University and a MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship from Duke University.

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