Controllable robots and their use in healthcare

Controllable robots and their use in healthcare
Event on 2017-06-21 19:30:00
New flexible robotic surgical systems that will eventually replace more rigid instruments – which severely restrict the areas they can reach during operations – are being researched by a team at Queen Mary, University of London.

Our presenter Prof. Kaspar Althoefer from QMUL will outline the challenges emerging when departing from traditionally rigid instruments and progressing towards flexible and even stiffness controllable surgical tools.

Prof. Althoefer will explain the EU funded research project at QMUL: STIFF-FLOP – STIFFness controllable Flexible and Learner able manipulator for surgical Operations. STIFF-FLOP aims to create robotic arms inspired by octopus tentacles. The research centres on the development of flexible surgical robotics that can adjust their stiffness for a wide range of surgical procedures.

Our presenter: Prof. Kaspar Althoefer is an experienced roboticist leading competitively funded research on soft robotics, intelligent micro- sensing systems and human-robot interaction with applications in minimally invasive surgery.

at University of Surrey

Guildford, United Kingdom

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