Court: No searches of jurors' social media 1

Court: No searches of jurors' social media
So the availability of information on social media may provide more data to use, but the concept is already part of every competent trial lawyer's arsenal. And I'm not buying the privacy argument. The lawyers can only view publicly available …

Lowery takes Kenai football job in search of community
It's not just a feel-good concept, it's going to be built into the program, with defined gates and goals at each section.” Lowery wants the program to have academic and athletic benchmarks as early as eighth grade. He wants a strength development …
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Searching for Döner, Shawarma, and Gyro in D.C. — And Learning the Difference
Of course the origins of the concept are also contested, but most agree the gyro is a descendant of the Turkish döner. Most differences between a döner and a shawarma come down to semantics. Döner is the Turkish name for the dish that is also popular …
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