Daisy Bucket: The Bucket Lisp

Daisy Bucket: The Bucket Lisp
Event on 2017-07-07 20:00:00
From the creator of "Balls of Brass" and her forthcoming tour "Pansy", Daisy Bucket launches "The Bucket Lisp"! In "The Bucket Lisp", Daisy reminisces on the ups and downs of show business, the touring life, and the many things she has done and hopes to do before she kicks the Bucket! After all, Fireball is the new embalming fluid. Drawing from her wealth of female icon inspirations (from Bette Midler to Bette Davis), Daisy's new show is a special treat for her hometown of Kansas City, featuring some of her popular musical offerings and new takes on old classics. A portion of the money raised will help cover costs for Daisy's debut album slated for release sometime this fall. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!: Order now and get off the regular admission price (.00) until Daisy's Birthday, June 20th!

at Site to be announced
Somewhere in KC Metro
Kansas City, United States

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