Demand for sign-language interpreters soars

Demand for sign-language interpreters soars
At basketball games, theme parks, schools and businesses in Central Florida, sign-language interpreters bridge the gap between the hearing and deaf worlds. Florida has more than 3 million deaf and hard-of-hearing people, according to the Florida …
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Helping Things in the IoT speak the same language
One major challenge is interoperability: many Things do talk using the Internet, but they don't talk the same language. Having been involved in the IoT for about as long as it's been around, I'm pretty sure of one thing: a universal networking protocol …
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Language, immigrant status tied to toxic exposure
"Neighborhoods comprised of nonwhite, economically disadvantaged people who do not speak English as a native language and are foreign-born are the most vulnerable to being near these toxic air emissions," Liévanos said. "This is particularly the case …
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