Facebook: Our AI will give everyone 'superpowers'

Facebook: Our AI will give everyone 'superpowers'
The fundamental limitations of such an approach is why Facebook's AI Research team has been working to add something akin to human short-term memory to its Deep Learning systems. "It is, in my opinion was, a fundamentally missing component of AI.
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Nvidia outs end-to-end hyperscale platform to power advanced AI applications
One aims to let researchers design new deep neural networks more quickly for the increasing number of applications they want to power with artificial intelligence (AI). The other is a low-power accelerator designed to deploy these networks across the …
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Fujitsu begins field trials of AI app to alleviate congestion following major
We've all been there. The time comes to leave the big game, Black Friday shopping, or some other event that draws a crowd, and everyone is left shuffling their feet due to the inevitable congestion. Fujitsu wants to change that and has begun field …
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