Facebook releases Bot Engine to create much smarter bots

Facebook releases Bot Engine to create much smarter bots
Messenger is all about bots now. As expected, Facebook unveiled the Send and Receive API at its F8 conference. It lets you create bots for Messenger to search for things and interact with businesses. But what if you want to use machine learning and …
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Shopify turns to chat bots with acquisition of Kit CRM
Does anyone remember SmarterChild? He was a bot that you could talk to via AIM back in the day. You could ask him stuff like about movie times, sports scores, or just general information (this was before Wikipedia). Or you could do what I did as an …
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Line's CEO is betting on bots to help the messaging company finally IPO
Facebook's announcement in January that it would introduce “bots” in its Messenger chat app sparked a new trend in the tech industry. Investors have begun pouring money into startups specializing in the artificial intelligence-powered software, which …
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