For presidential hopefuls, simpler language resonates

For presidential hopefuls, simpler language resonates
The Globe reviewed the language used by 19 presidential candidates, Democrats and Republicans, in speeches announcing their campaigns for the 2016 presidential election. The review, using a common algorithm called the Flesch-Kincaid readability test …
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How hipsters may be bringing back vintage language
Hipsters are famous for their love of all things old-fashioned: 19th Century beards, pickle-making, Amish outerwear, naming their kids things like Clementine or Atticus. Now, they may be excavating archaic language, too. As Chi Luu points out at JSTOR …
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AFI Fest Completes Lineup, Includes 10 Foreign-Language Oscar Contenders
The American Film Institute has completed its AFI Fest lineup: 127 films from 45 countries will screen from Nov. 5 to 12. The festival includes 38 films directed/co-directed by women, 17 documentaries and 10 official foreign-language Oscar contenders.
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