FringeArts – Boris Charmatz – Leve des conflits

FringeArts – Boris Charmatz – Leve des conflits
Event on 2016-09-09 20:00:00

A co-presentation with Drexel Universitys Westphal College of Media Arts & Design

The project is at the same time minimal and totally beyond measure: minimal because the whole of the piece can be grasped at a single glance, beyond measure because the company is enormous and stirred by an infinity of breathing gestures. Boris Charmatz

The sequence of movements is ingeniously designed for variety: sitting and standing, in-place and covering ground. But each movement seems to flow from the preceding one and into the following. Brian Seibert, The New York Times

Twenty-four dancers perform a dance in the roundwithin a circle formed by the audience. World-renowned choreographer and dancer Boris Charmatz has created a riveting mosaic of movement that slides from body to body, a series of everyday gestures that morph into movement that defies genre. Seemingly infinite interlocking gestures offer a myriad of perspectives. Follow one dancer throughout the journey, or allow your gaze to wander over the group, a crowd of connecting movements that produce fleeting mirages of narrative and image that dissolve and transform anew. The dancers vary from a collective, oscillating structure to individuals in the search for a beauty existing within the suspension of conflicts.

Boris Charmatz: Dancing DialoguesFor additional programming information including lectures and workshopsplease

at The Drexel University Armory
33rd Street and Lancaster Avenue
Philadelphia, United States

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