FSS ePub Reader silently installs adware?

FSS ePub Reader silently installs adware?
It was "only" flagged as malware by 9 engines, but as it was also less than two days old, this was still a concern. To find out more, we ran FSSUpdaterService on a test system. … "Website (http://mp3kaif.com) was our partner (MP3-search etc …
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Facebook Now Using Google App Indexing To Drive Visitors From Search Into Its App
Facebook has long opened up some of its walled garden to Google, in order to gain Google traffic. Now Facebook is stepping up its search engine optimization game by implementing Google App Indexing to ensure it continues to get that traffic as the …
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IBM SystemML Machine Learning Technology Goes OpenSource
In another example, Thomas says, most search engine optimization techniques get done on a defined set of data such as the type of keywords used in a campaign. Data scientists could build a model that instructs the algorithm to alter the process any …
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