Gifts that may spark an interest in science, technology

Gifts that may spark an interest in science, technology
Not only are they fun to get but hidden inside is a chance the gift will spark an interest in science and technology. Instead of just building a kit, the young person may be assembling a future. Today, old fogey that I am, I will offer up some gift …
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The Future Of Work Isn't Just About Big Technology Companies
Many times when we (myself included) speak about the future of work, the conversations tend to skew toward larger companies. However, the reality is that smaller companies are actually poised to do quite well when we think about the changing workplace.
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Letter: Our technology works, you'll see
The Salt Lake Tribune wrote a report on our "Solar energy sham." The Internal Revenue Service/Department of Justice issued a civil complaint to try and stop our energy company from succeeding. They say our remarkable breakthrough technologies will …
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