Grace Jamaica Jerk Festival

Grace Jamaica Jerk Festival
Event on 2016-09-05 07:00:00
The Grace Jamaica Caribbean themed festival known as Jerk Fest that has in recent years become a staple of the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami-Dade areas of Florida is quickly becoming a nationwide phenomenon, having already expanded north of the pan-handle area of Florida and the Southern region of the country to states like New York, now is a prime opportunity to capitalize on the success of the festival by continuing its expansion and bringing it to the pan-handle areas of Tallahassee and Panama City. This is the biggest Caribbean festival nation wide compiling in 2.1 million in revenue annually at each venue during the year. Given the large number of college students and families that travel to and from those two cities during the months of March and September we, F.A.R. Movement ,feel that both cities economies and small business can flourish from an annual event of this magnitude. Tallahassee alone is infamous for its many parades and celebratory festivities due to it being the home of two world-renowned universities in FAMU and FSU yet during no time of the year is there an event of this diversity and magnitude and that is a market that we intend to capitalize on. This being said, Tallahassee is a conglomerate of diverse target groups, ranging from families to college students to political figures. Conversely, Panama City is infamous for the amount of college students who flood to its clear beaches and liberties during spring break every spring. This makes it an ideal location for a festival such as this one, for a guaranteed target group who come to spend thousands of dollars during the break will be there annually.

"The Jamaican Jerk Festival USA, Inc., was established to develop and produce Jerk festivals and related events throughout the United States and other global markets. The members of the organizing committee all bring various areas of expertise to the organization, working in harmony to execute successful events. The annual Jamaican Jerk Festivals in Sunrise, Florida and Queens, New York, has evolved as major events, attracting to all ethnicities and key demographics.

Founders Eddy Edwards and Sydney Roberts have been successfully producing and presenting events for over 27 years and have established themselves as the premier producers and presenters of high-quality events in South Florida’s Caribbean community. They are supported by a solid team comprising of Richard Lue, Abdul Muhsin, June Minto, Richard Elcock & Bridget Provost-Edwards.

It is the goal of the Jamaican Jerk Festival USA, Inc. to set standards and work with other organizations in promoting this uniquely Jamaican culinary art form, maintaining and protecting its authenticity globally."
Being a Caribbean themed festival, a plethora of opportunities are open, from small business promotions, vendor opportunities, cultural and racial diversification via music, speeches and artistic performances. Events prior to the main event can be held to promote human equality yet can be presented in a tactful and considerate way. We will dominate and capture a Caribbean cultural market that is non-existent in north Florida from educational platforms, cultural store fronts and restaurants of the Caribbean. We know this will bring in new money that has not enter this region of Florida. in We will also conduct local daycare Pageants for children to be apart of this dynamic cultural fest. This will help nurture the innocent mind of diversity and how efficient it can be in the society they live in. It is our belief that within the city of Tallahassee alone, the introduction of an event such as Jerk Fest can be an annual, profitable event that not only presents new business opportunities for the local economy but can also improve upon racial relations within the community as nationwide the call for peace is being heard and answered. In conjunction to the constant influx of college students who would relish in the opportunity to partake in such a festival during spring break in Panama City would also boost that cities local economy annually. Bringing Jerk Fest to both Tallahassee(Labour day weekend) and Panama City(Spring break season)during the months of March and September; to encompass the total time of spring break every year would be creating a near-guaranteed annual boost to the economy for years to come. The venue has been set for 2016 at Tom Brown Park(Tallahassee,FL) and Frank Borwn Prak( Panama City beach).We are partners with Eddy Edward, Owner of The Grace Jamaica Jerk Festival. Thank you so much for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.

Jason Powell
C.E.O. Of FAR Movement Inc.

at Frank Brown Park
16200 Panama City Beach Parkway
Panama City Beach, United States

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