How much coders get paid in 12 tech hubs around the world

How much coders get paid in 12 tech hubs around the world
Stack Overflow, a question and answer website for developers, has found out how much its users get paid in technology hotspots around the world. The website looked at 12 technology hubs globally — including London, San Francisco, and Tel Aviv — and …
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Recognizing and Dealing with Impostor Syndrome
Asking questions or solving problems in communities like SitePoint Forums, Stack Overflow, and others can help you both learn and teach others — and in doing so, boost your confidence. You can also get involved with community meetups or even national …
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Trello: Collaboration is in the cards
The aha moment that led to Trello, says its creator Joel Spolsky, was a series of "customer visits to see how people were using Excel." His findings, gleaned while Spolsky was a program manager on Microsoft Excel team in the early '90s, won't surprise you.
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