Inside First Certificate for Fire Chiefs

Inside First Certificate for Fire Chiefs
Event on 2016-08-16 10:30:00
the inside first certificate for fire service leadership   OVERVIEW This 5 month program brings together fire chiefs from across Colorado to delve into leadership from many perspectives. Through guided explorations and dynamic exchange, participants will uncover core values and define purpose; they will learn how to develop trust and create rapport. Broadening leadership perspectives brings a new focus to building a culture that stands tall in the face of any challenge. Taught in small groups of eight people, the program provides a safe environment for honest conversation and personal connection. It will cover the Inside First curriculum in three formats: A two-day Personal Discovery Retreat in the Vail area Three monthly webinars A full-day training (in conjunction with the Annual Fire Chief’s Meeting) WHO IS IT FOR? The Inside First Certificate for Fire Chiefs has been developed for fire chiefs in Colorado. It is recommended that chiefs participate in the Discovery Retreat prior to their officers. OUTCOMES: Implement leadership best practices to build a sustainable culture Integrate the program learning throughout their organization Build a measurable leadership program for long-term success Create leadership performance standards for fire service officers Tuition This 5 month program is ,750 per person (based on cohorts of eight)Pricing includes: Discovery Retreat meals Discovery Retreat lodging in Vail Discovery Retreat materials Program workbooks Facilitation expenses for the Discover Retreat, quarterly webinar and full-day training. Terms: The program fee is due upon enrollment CSD Pool Members can submit for up to 50% tuition reimbursement Program fees are non-refundable based on last minute headcount changes. In an emergency, the fees may apply to future sessions, but will not be refunded FOR CSD POOL MEMBERS: Scholarships are available through CSD to cover up to 50% of the annual tuition for the first 80 chiefs/officers, who enroll in the program each year. STEPS TO ENROLL: Click the “Sign Up Here” button below Pay the ,750 fee for the annual program Receive your enrollment confirmation CSD Pool Members can apply for reimbursement by visiting: The Vail Centre will organize participants into groups of eight and contact you with more information about your Discovery Retreat kick-off.

at A Campus Called Vail
various locations
Vail, United States

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