Keep Rising!

Keep Rising!
Event on 2017-08-01 13:00:00
Join me for a discussion group and healing activation to help Uplift You to activate your true potential to lift you up and keep you RISING!  Many are finding themselves stuck in old beliefs, lost in old ways, and hidden behind old thought patterns keeping us living in the old reality. There is a new reality available to us all at this time and it comes from connecting within! There is so much outside distraction which keeps you from the ultimate potential Creator intended for you to be here on Earth at this time! It is only a matter of letting go of the old ways our mind percieves the world to be around us and then connecting into where you are meant to be, from the eyes of God. These shifts come in small changes but can make a big impact on our life when we are able to implement them into our daily lives!   I will also be talking a little about my journey, where I have come from, and how the shifts I have made have taken me from being homeless, jobless, lost, and afraid… to finding my connection to God once again and living life from a place of surrender, trust, and Love. It has been through endurance and Faith that I have continued to rise into my higher potentials! Now, I'm living through the eyes of God and not what the rest of the world has placed upon me. (Still a work in progress…but I'm loving every step of the way!) Reconnect with your true self, activate your next potential, and connect with me for any advice you may be needing to help you get to this next potential of yourself.  Take a healing journey with me where we will connect you to your higher levels of self to help you integrate into the higher versions of your own mind, heart, and soul, assisting you in releasing that which is no longer serving you, and then creating balance within all aspects of your being. After all, this journey is about accepting all parts of ourselves and helping to transcend all aspects of our being! Learn to connect with ALL that you are through this healing~ UPLIFT yourself to your highest potential!  Ticket Information: The general admission ticket is only .00 and gets you access to the event, which will be hosted via Zoom (This platform may change, in which case those attending will be notified before hand! I am considering using Facebook live…but not sure yet.)  The VIP Bonus Admission is only .00 and gets you access to the event and also includes a BONUS private 30 minute healing session with me! I am only offering this to 5 guests as it is an incredible opportunity to work me with and bring Faith Healing into your life at an incredibly gifted price! (Normally a 30 minute session is !) Keep Rising! Upliftment Package: Join 5 sessions for only .00! (Buy 4 get one Free!). This package will help to continue to bring in these higher frequency activations to anchor them in and continue to RISE!  For those interested in joining, but unable to make the scheduled time, the event will either be recorded or posted up in a private facebook group where you will have access to it at any time! More dates to come!  

at Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
Saint Louis, United States

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