L4a Bio-Intro Trainer – Costa Rica, 2015 4

L4a Bio-Intro Trainer – Costa Rica, 2015
Event on 2015-11-21 16:00:00

Level 4a Bio-Intro Trainer 

After running the L4a Bio-Intro-Trainer course in Costa Rica in November, 2013, we felt compelled to organize another one to give more students the opportunity to experience both an incredibly powerful and transformational training program and an exotic experience of a lifetime at the renowned 'Blue Spirit Retreat ' in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Arrival Date: November 21st, 4pm onwards 

Training Starts: November 22nd at 9am

Training Finishes: November 27th at 6pm

Departure Date: November 28th before 11am

Click Here for Introduction Video by Michael D'Alton



Check out Blue Spirit Retreat:

Video 1

Video 2


So, why travel that far? Great friends travelling together, healthy, tasty organic food, spectacular beaches, sunshine, crystal blue oceans, lushious nature trails, monkeys and did I mention Paradise!

…And of course there's the Training! We will be training you to teach a Level 1 Introduction Workshop in Bio-Energy Healing. Why? Because it will bring your practice to the next level while empowering the healing abilities in others. Being a Bio-Energy Trainer is one of the most rewarding careers imaginable. Even if you don't intend to teach, it will raise your profile as a therapist to have attended a Level 4 training and be a registered Practitioner and Trainer.

The Level 1 workshop has been re-modeled and upgraded to facilitate you to teach the techniques and theory to others in a simple step by step format. You can teach it privately (one to one), in a small group of six or a large group of 20+ people.


So what's involved in the L4a training course? 


The training will feature a breakdown of the Level 1 Training course and 'HOW' to teach each segment effectively.

L1 Bio-Inspired Saturday Curriculum
1.    Course intro
2.    The Fundamentals of successful energy healing
3.    Techniques 1-12
4.    3 steps to mastering your energy and how to break limiting repeating patterns.

L1 Bio-Inspired Sunday Curriculum
5.    Recap
6.    Stop Losing Power   
7.    Changing directions
8.    Demo techniques 1-12  
9.    Techniques 1-12 in muscle memory 
10.  The Law of Attraction
11.   Definition of great Health
12.   Closing the L1 and certificates.

Part of the teaching will involve understanding each segment more throughly while learning and integrating 'accelerated learning tools.' These tools ensure that your students learn faster, easier and remember more of what they learn. The tools are guaranteed to increase the students' participation and excitement while studying the the segments and learning the powerful bio-energy healing techniques, ensuring a more integrated experience.

The training will include personal development practices designed to build your public speaking and teaching confidence! You will have the opportunity to practice teaching one to one, and then in small groups and eventually graduating to a full audience.

We will break down the 12 L1 Bio-Energy techniques so that you can fully understand, communicate and demonstrate them at a teaching standard. We will also show you how to make corrections effectively.

During the week you will gain many of the insights from my previous 20 years experience and studies, including defusing control dramas, increasing fun and participation, setting great context, tuning into and assisting your students with their issues, creating an environment that supports a safe place for students to create positive change, increasing vitality and leveraging yourself and your work so that people see the value in what you do and want to work with you again and again.


Training Schedule


Arrival Day
Free time

Sunday 9am-6pm
7:30am Breakfast
9am Class
12:30pm Lunch
2pm Class
6pm Dinner
Free time

Monday 6am-10pm
6am-7am  Morning practice
7:30am Breakfast
9am Class
12:30pm Lunch
2pm Class
6pm Dinner
7:30pm Class
10pm Close

Tuesday 6am-10pm
6am-7am  Morning practice
7:30am Breakfast
9am Class
12:30pm Lunch
2pm Class
6pm Dinner
7:30pm Class
10pm Close

Potential day off

7:30am Breakfast
12:30pm Lunch
6pm Dinner

Thursday 6am-10pm
6am-7am  Morning practice
7:30am Breakfast
9am Class
12:30pm Lunch
2pm Class
6pm Dinner
7:30pm Class
10pm Close

Friday 6am-4pm
6am-7am  Morning practice
7:30am Breakfast
9am Class
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Class
4pm Closing Ceremony
6pm Dinner                                                                                                                        7:30pm Party

Homeward bound


Pre-training videos and downloads


Pre-training videos:

A few months prior to the Level 4a training in Costa Rica, you will receive access to full training videos of the level 1 Bio-Inspired training course for you to review.


You will receive a L1 student manual/workbook that you can use while reviewing the L1 videos.

You will also receive a step by step L4a Trainer Manual to download, print and bring with you to L4a. 

After the Course: 

You will receive templates for the student manual, namebadges, certificates etc…


Logistics Section


  • Course Tuition
  • Investment
  • Accommodation
  • Flights
  • What to bring


Course Tuition Includes:

Seven days of adventure

Bio-L4a Intro Training course with Michael D'Alton

Bio-Teacher Manual (New)

Bio-Student Manual (New)

Bio-Techniques videos

International L4a teaching certificate

Ongoing support

Bonus:  L3 Holistic Magnetic Marketing training videos (Value ,995 yours for Free)


Tuition: ,495

Save: ,700

Early Bird Tuition : ,795  (Ends December 31, 2014)


The 3 main costs are:

1) Training Early bird tuition 95

2) Accommodation (includes meals) Ranges 0-00 (US Dollars)

3) Flights Ranges 0-00

4) The Blue Spirit offers a shuttle between Liberia airport and the Blues Spirit retreat (2 hour ride). There is a transit fee of approximately each way and this is arranged directly with Blue Spirit staff. 

Step 1 Secure your place on the course with a deposit of 0.

Step 2 Select your accommodation from the list below and send us an e-mail with your request to catherine@daltonsbio.com. 

Step 3 Book your Flights to Liberia airport arriving during the day on November 21st, this allows you time to settle in. Some flights will arrive late evening and may be cheaper, if that's a consideration.

Step 4 Book your shuttle directly with the Blue Spirit Retreat. This is their policy and it ensures that every guest is accounted for and arrives safely. Please note that the shuttles only run to and from the Blue Spirit on Saturdays.

Savings for you:

There are no taxes due on your acommodation and food.

There are no taxes due on overseas training.

The early bird course tuition has been heavely discounted so that the savings can go towards your travel and accomodation.

Remember to keep all your receipts, everything is tax deductable from your Bio-Energy business.

I know it is still a big investment, however if you are going to keep investing in yourself, then this is it, this is the vacation (um, I mean business trip) that you will remember for the rest of your life. You will also get to deepen your friendships with your Bio-Buddies and make some wonderful new ones.

Payment plan:

We request that you pay the balance of the training course and the accommodation at your earliest convenience.

Or, you can arrange a monthly payment plan, which is a great way to budget for your accommodation and training fees. To make arrangements, please contact Catherine at: catherine@daltonsbio.com

Please make your payments by cheque payable to: Michael D'Alton's School of Bio-Energy Healing.

Postal address: 540-1755 Robson Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6G 3B7


Please Note: The costs below are in US Dollars (currency conversion will be provided at time of payment) and are the weekly rate (7 nights), including all meals.              

Nature Suite with A/C. These cottages are situated on a hillside overlooking the lush vegetation. These simple and natural wood frame structures have private bathrooms with an outdoor shower overlooking the jungle. Each cottage sleeps two people and includes a separate enclosed porch with a desk for reading. Each room has solar hot water as well as A/C. These rooms are a short walk up the hill to the main building.

Double Occupancy – 75 (USD) per person   /    Single Occupancy – 00 (USD) 



Hermitage Room. These rooms are specifically designed for traveling singles to provide privacy and elegance, while being cozy and inexpensive. Many of these rooms have partial views of the ocean and others of the mountains nearby, a queen-size bed or 2 twins, a private bathroom with solar hot water and a natural ventilation system. 

Hermitage Single (with Private Bath & Queen size bed) 00 (USD) single occupancy / 0 (USD) per person double occupancy for couples only

Hermitage Twin (shared only) (with Private Bath & 2 Twin beds) 0 (USD) per person double occupancy


Eco-Cottages. These cottages are beautifully situated in lush vegetation, allowing for a sensual being-in-touch experience with nature. They are simple and natural wood frame structures with screening for natural ventilation. Each cottage sleeps two people and share a common bathhouse that has solar hot water showers and everything runs on solar powered electricity to provide a comfortable and ecological setting.  The Eco-Cottages are situated below the Main Building and involve a short hike up a stone stairway to get to the main building.

Double Occupancy – 0 (USD) per person / Single Occupancy – 00 (USD)


Platform Tent Each tent has a queen size air mattress and is placed on a platform under a wooden roof  for protection against the sun or rain. These tents are surrounded by nature and near to a shared bathhouse.  All linen, pillow and towels are provided to guests.

Single Occupancy – 0 (USD)             





Travel to Liberia International Airport (LIR)

What to Bring:

Range of clothes

Currency (american dollars are accepted)


Water bottle

Sun screan

Hat/ Sun glasses

Photo Gallery 2013


at Blue Spirit Retreat Centre
New York, United States

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