Meet The Author : Graham C Braddock ‘Operation Gravelrash’

Meet The Author : Graham C Braddock ‘Operation Gravelrash’
Event on 2016-08-19 18:30:00
Meet Superintendent Lawrence Parry Gympie author Graham C Braddock introduces the star of his new crime thriller, Superintendent Lawrence Parry, in Operation Gravelrash. Parry is caught in a moral dilemma as he seeks to utilise a bereaved family, a disgraced university professor, an investigative reporter and a retired mining engineer to uncover the truth, all in the midst of Cyclone Oswald. About Operation Gravelrash : In Queensland, two seemingly unconnected investigations are underway-a stalled state police search for a murderer and mysterious shipments of cement that set bells ringing in the Australian Federal Police. A cattle property in the Central Queensland outback becomes the unlikely setting for a series of incidents that threaten Australia's economy and national security. In the midst of Cyclone Oswald, which paralyses much of Queensland and northern New South Wales, Superintendent Lawrence Parry and his handpicked team of undercover and specialist federal agents rush to fit together the jigsaw puzzle of clues… Privacy Statement : Moreton Bay Regional Council is using the Eventbrite ticketing solution ( Personal information you provide is used for the purposes of processing your request and will be transferred to Eventbrite’s server in the United States of America. By continuing with your registration, you agree to this transfer. Moreton Bay Regional Council is subject to the Information Privacy Act 2009 and is committed to respecting your privacy. If you have any concerns or questions, please view our privacy statement. Terms and Conditions : Ticket requests are subject to Moreton Bay Regional Council (council) event ticket sales terms and conditions.  

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Brisbane, Australia

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