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At the National Conference on Student Leadership (NCSL) fall conference you will- Grow as a student leader Spend the weekend meeting and networking with hundreds of students from all over the world Gain valuable skills that you'll use right now Prepare for your career after college Fall 2017 Offers Exceptional Programming No other conference matches the dynamic educational program led by speakers who are committed to your personal and professional growth. Here is some of what you can expect at NCSL: Begin and end each conference day with an inspirational and thought-provoking keynote session Customize your conference with more than 45 hands-on breakout workshops for students and 8 breakout workshops for professionals Network with like-minded delegates for unlimited opportunities to grow as a leader Enjoy special events led by acclaimed emcees with backgrounds in improv comedy and student affairs Learn lessons, professional tips, and life experiences from a diverse roster of elite presenters Developing as a Student Leader You'll gain a better understanding of your skills and potential, you'll discover ways to strengthen your campus groups and organizations, and you'll explore how to use your campus leadership skills to make a greater impact on your community and beyond. NCSL speakers and session leaders come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences to bring the best in student leadership education to you. At NCSL the focus is on you, the student leader. Create a custom conference experience by choosing from workshops that focus on self-development, group development, and civic engagement. But there's more. If you’re thinking about your next steps after college you’ll find educational sessions that offer guidance in the job search process, networking, financial planning, and communication. In other sessions, you'll explore leadership through a pop-culture lens or engage with other conference attendees to learn how creativity enhances leadership. What Makes NCSL Unique It’s YOU: the students and student advisors. Since 1978, NCSL has honed our program to bring the best leadership educational experience to you. Every conference we hold has a personality of its own-; a dynamic group energy that you create in participation with your peers. Our attendees return to campus energized and enlightened by the community learning experience at each conference. NCSL has the potential to change the course of your college and professional career as you embark on your own journey of self-discovery. Optional Programs Advisor Preconference Workshop Explore core competencies of higher education and advising student leaders in this program designed just for you. Are you ready to start making a meaningful difference in the way you lead others? This is leadership the NCSL way. Be part of the change! Sign up for the Fall 2017 NCSL Conference today! Past Attendee Comments “Highly recommend it to any students that are interested in leadership – get registered!” “I recommend this conference to any student leader who is looking to enhance their abilities.” “Everybody here, they care about you, they know your name. They know who you are and where you’re from and they never forget it. And they always make sure that it’s worth it.” Keynotes Keynote Speakers for Fall 2017 NCSL Conference Starve Your Ego while Bringing More to the Table Thursday, November 16, 2017 Presenter: Lenny A. Williams Professor Williams was struggling with a 1.9 GPA his freshman year in high school which ultimately lead to a five- or six-year academic struggle. His SAT and college placement test scores were low, and he was constantly enrolled in remedial classes. Fast forward to the present: Before the age of 30, he is a three-time business owner, professor, and national speaker. How did he get there? In this authentic keynote, Professor Williams will share personal stories and lessons that may make you laugh, cry, and dance, to help build brand new leaders for your campus or school. Learn about the crime his freshman year in college that ultimately redirected his life forever. Students will leave feeling prepared to create a culture of compassion and the ability always to bounce back no matter what! Know Your PresenterLenny Williams holds an MBA from New Jersey City University where he currently serves as a professor of entrepreneurship within the School of Business. He also teaches in the business departments of Union, Hudson, and Brookdale Community Colleges. Within higher education, he has a strong background in enrollment management, admissions, and retention. Still under the age of 30, he’s already impacted many students inside of the classroom and has assisted hundreds more get into college. Lenny has traveled nationwide and abroad speaking to many companies and schools to spread the message of being an effective entrepreneur. Lenny has overcome hurdles and has a masterful storytelling ability. With every engagement, he strives to achieve his mission of reaching generations and reminding them that greatness can be achieved against all odds. In addition, he has created a scholarship program in his hometown, and worked with schools and organizations such as: Yale University, Columbia University, Rutgers University, Towson University, YouTube sensation Latoya Forever,, Free from 106 and Park, The Root, The Breakfast Club, NFL Players Association, and many more. Redefining the Tree of Leadership: Finding Your Style Via Creative Expression and Ethnic Identity Formation Friday, November 17, 2017 Presenter: Alyea Pierce “All arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed toward ennobling life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom.” — Albert Einstein For a very long time, Alyea Pierce did not view herself as a leader. And it was not until she intentionally examined her ethnic identity, womanhood, and how her creative experiences intersected with her leadership experiences that she understood who she was as a leader. In this presentation, Alyea will explore the tree of leadership and how bridging the gap between art and ethnic identity can be the foundation to enriching, influencing, and empowering communities. Know Your PresenterAlyea Pierce is a master of education candidate at Rutgers University New Brunswick and a graduate intern for the Department of Leadership and Experiential Learning. She is an author, international poet, and playwright who is a “real nice cook up” of the West Indies. Pierce’s work has been featured on the stages of the Apollo Theatre and Broadway’s New Amsterdam Theatre, as well as countless TEDx events across the states and abroad. Her work has been published in the Caribbean Writer, and she is the 2016 playwright-in-residence and actress for the Strength Out of Shadows Theatre Company, in which she wrote and performed in her spirited play, Financial Slavery: The College Debt Sentence, which premiered at The New York International Fringe Festival in August of 2016. Alternate Dimensions: Sci Fi Lessons for Visionary Leaders Saturday, November 18, 2017 Presenter: Saby Labor Science fiction and fantasy offer us alternate visions of society and the social condition in the past, present, and future. Tap into your imagination as we explore essential leadership lessons from the brilliant minds of science fiction creators. We’ll get a glimpse of other possible worlds and strategies to create it together. Know Your PresenterSaby Labor is the founder of Resilient Campus, a professional coaching and higher education consulting organization with 10 years of experience working in education, including college access for underserved students, residential life, academic support, sexual assault prevention, and women’s and LGBTQ support services. She has a master’s degree in postsecondary administration and student affairs from the University of Southern California (USC) and is currently a doctoral candidate in the higher education administration program at St. Cloud State University (SCSU). Saby has taught high school and college learners in personal foundations, peer counseling, and gender studies topics. She has designed programs and cultivated learning environments for a diverse range of learners. Saby is a first-generation college student and fierce campus inclusion advocate who began her education in the community college system, and ultimately aspires to attain a community college presidency role. Saby uses she/her and they/them gender pronouns. You Can’t Lead Others Until You First Lead Yourself Sunday, November 19, 2017 Presenter: Joe UrbanskiCollegiate Empowerment Speaker You’ve had an energizing weekend at NCSL, but now what? It’s time for your ideas to FLY. This keynote focuses on you and taps into your power of personal vision. Once you are equipped to lead yourself, you will be empowered to lead your campus organizations to astounding new heights. Don't settle for simply hoping you will hit the ground running once you return; become empowered to FLY! Know Your PresenterFor over a decade, Joe has honed his electrifying facilitation style performing for as many as 2,400 participants during full-day trainings, three-day retreats, and multi-year leadership development programs. He has designed and delivered more than 315 seminars and workshops for more than 288,000 participants over the years. Joe’s high-energy, empowering experiences are the core of his appeal, while his entertaining style and simple approach make him a favorite at events across the country. Off the road, Joe lives in southern New Jersey, and remains committed to being the best husband and father, doing all of the things with his kids that Mommy doesn’t want to see. NCSL Speaks! Student Speaker Series For this keynote, the tables are turned and the students take the stage. Listen to messages about leadership, cultural diversity, or motivation from other student leaders. Student Workshops Block #1: Active Workshop You just might get a chance to Salsa, or maybe you'd prefer to learn how to freestyle, all while enhancing your social leadership skills. Move around while moving the leadership dial! This workshop block includes: The S.A.L.S.A Life, 5 Keys to Finding Your Rhythm to SuccessPresenter: Stan Pearson IILearn how to Salsa dance while you learn how to build a solid foundation in relationships, team-building, organizations, and in your own life. In order to be who we want to be, we have to BUILD ourselves on a solid foundation. Get ready to Support, Act, Learn, Strive, and Accept! Freestyle Rap LeadershipPresenter: Bert GervaisFreestyling is all about improvisation, trust, and getting out of your comfort zone. Even beginners can learn the basics of freestyling and ways to apply those techniques to their leadership approach. Freestyle leadership will empower you to be a dynamic campus changemaker. Everyone wants to follow someone with BARS! Practical Improv for LeadershipPresenter: Dave CollinsImprov is the practice of unplanned interaction with others. That means improvisation is a skill practiced by everyone, every single day. As much as we would like to rehearse and practice our lines for critical moments, there’s no script sitting on our desk every morning, outlining all the things we’ll say and do throughout the day. Learning simple tools for improvising better is a highly effective way to improve individual and team outcomes for student leaders. This session will teach the basics of improvisation and how to apply it to everyday communication to make you a more effective leader, communicator, and collaborator. One Beat, One Step, One Sound!Presenters: Claudio Alejo and Cassandra GomezTo be a stepper you must have technique, be a team player, practice practice practice (repetition), and most of all, put on a PERFORMANCE. The art of stepping correlates with the development and major core components of a strong leader. Block #2: Effective Communication Being able to effectively communicate is one of the most important skills of success. Employers want people who can network and your campus needs confident voices. These workshops equip you will the tools needed to amp up your communication skills. This workshop block includes: Communicator to Motivator for Student Leaders: Move Your Campus to Action by Mastering Four Personality Types and Heart-Centered CommunicationPresenter: Bert GervaisThrough interactive exercises, this high-energy workshop will help you overcome common communication barriers, understand how to influence the four communication styles, and better relate to your peers on a more genuine and authentic level. Stranger Things: The Upside-down World of NetworkingPresenter: Antonio Talamo Networking is often regarded as one of the most important and critical skills that a student leader must obtain. However, the truth is it can often feel like a parallel world to real life, just like the Upside-down World. Using themes from the Netflix show, Stranger Things, students will get to understand and learn how to navigate the Upside-down World of Networking. Furthermore, they will learn how to connect with the “Barbs” and “Wills” of the world. Through a hands-on activity, students will get to connect with one another in order to increase their own social media following and personal network. Personal Storytelling PlaybookPresenter: Dave CollinsGreat leaders know how to turn their own personal experiences into useful anecdotes that illustrate their vision to an audience. In order to be effective, these stories must be delivered in an exciting, compelling, and entertaining way. In this workshop, we’ll cover a few simple techniques and frameworks that will help you prepare to share meaningful messages that stick to your audience. Building Your Power Network: How to Effectively Network for Professional SuccessPresenter: Tonya RapleyIt’s not what you know it’s who you know. While college provides you with valuable skills, how do you get others to take notice in a seemingly crowded job applicant pool? How do you align yourself with power players and establish long-lasting professional relationships that are mutually beneficial? During this presentation, you’ll learn valuable networking skills that will help you advance your career during and after college. Block #3: Life Skills Money Lessons Every Student Should Know Before GraduationPresenter: Tonya RapleyFinancial hardships are the #1 reason students drop out of school. This workshop will not only teach you how to make smarter money management decisions but also empower you with strategies to achieve financial and collegiate success. This presentation is 50 percent lecture and 50 percent conversational Q&A so that the individual needs and concerns of all attendees are addressed. The Live Free Life: 8 Steps to Financial FreedomPresenter: Ash CashThe #LIVEFREE Life: 8 Steps to Financial Freedom will give you everything you need in order to properly manage your finances. You will learn practical applications to money management, credit, student loans, investing, as well as more new-age ways to manage finances such as visualization and positive self-talk. Email Extinguisher: Simple Steps to Shrink Your Inbox.Presenter: Marcey RaderDo you have an inbox full of emails and don't know where to start? Do you use your inbox as a task list? Get the tools you need to break out of email jail. Learn how to overcome email anxiety and addiction, efficient setup and processing of the inbox to stop the email drip, how to shrink your inbox with rules, filters, and newsletter organization, and effective email communication methods to shut down with Inbox Zero. Not Just for Likes: A Workshop on Social Media BrandingPresenter: Tiffany PageSocial media can be a great tool to advancing and advocating for yourself. This workshop will help you understand the importance of using social media to start building your professional brand. Life’s Too Short to Do the Things You Suck AtPresenter: Joe UrbanskiYou will explore your performance strategy for doing your best work and how it applies to communication and teamwork. This workshop is as hilariously engaging as it is a total audience participation experience. Block #4: Personal Development It is essential to be prepared for situations that take place beyond the college classroom. It is just as important that you take care of and be aware of your own personal development. Focus on particular leadership areas that will prepare you today for all you'll need for tomorrow. This workshop block includes: FEARLESS Leadership—Conquering Your Fears to Dominate in EVERYTHING!Presenter: Darryl BellamyWhat’s the one thing holding you back from being the leader you want to become? After collecting and cataloging thousands of fears from around the country, Darryl has a grasp on the top fears holding you back from achieving your desired results. When he first started collecting the fears of students, the vulnerability, self-awareness, and rawness of the students’ written fears impressed him. Darryl now uses that same research to help students overcome their top fears. Through Darryl’s high-energy three-step formula, gain a clearer sense of your overall purpose and leave empowered to conquer your fears and propel your campus onward. Are you ready to be fearless? Transform US: Transformational Leadership for a Brighter TomorrowPresenter: Saby LaborSelf-knowledge is essential to authentic leadership. In this workshop, we will explore and embrace our true passions and potential. Reflecting on your values and developing a clear vision for leadership is the golden key to unlocking your leadership potential. Accelerate your leadership self-discovery in this interactive and high-velocity experience. Just Because I Am… Doesn’t Mean… What You Think but Never Say…How to Have Real Conversations about Real Situations AtPresenter: Stan Pearson IIThis workshop discusses issues of racism and stereotypes in a way that makes it easy to talk about in mixed company. We all have issues and misconceptions, and having a great discussion and facilitation will help move us to a better place in our communities and in our campuses. This is one of the most engaging, interactive programs you will be a part of anywhere. Brave Like MePresenter: Camryn NelsonCamryn will share her story of struggling with perfectionism and anxiety while balancing her academic, professional, and leadership responsibilities. By the end of this session, you will have the tools you can put to work immediately to strengthen your brave muscle, grow as leaders, and make a positive difference in your life and on your campus. Changing your campus, or changing the world, starts with small steps of bravery each and every day. Your next brave move stars here! Block #5: Creativity and Engagement From making buttons to creating your own personal masterpieces, this workshop block will add a new twist to leadership. You'll be able to leave understanding the importance of engagement while adding more creativity to your leadership skill. This workshop block includes: Sketchbook OrigamiPresenter: Paulie NassarOne of the biggest challenges many kids face when trying to be creative is having the resources to make art. One of the most important things you can give a student is the means to be self-sufficient. This workshop will teach the simple process of turning a regular piece of printer paper into a sketchbook. With a few simple folds and a simple cut, you can make a foldable book. Part of the creative process is preparing your materials and making the most of whatever materials you are given. Acknowledgement CirclePresenter: Ashley MuiGratitude is a way to engage with humanity. This acknowledgement experience invites you to take a 360-degree look at your life—to begin to remember and revisit all the people who have contributed to your growth. Through personal introductions, we will journey through our very own inner circle, and begin to see the value and importance of practicing gratitude to those you surround yourself with. You will walk away feeling moved, inspired, and connected to where you’ve been and where you are going next as leaders in the world, impacting the way people experience life. We will spend time masterfully creating signature Thank You cards to send and deliver to five people who have and continue to make a difference in your life. We will direct the course of gratitude and see for ourselves how giving and receiving gratitude come full circle. Wear Your PassionPresenter: Antonio TalamoPassion is what drives high-achievers to do what they do and be where they are. When you can find what truly drives you and combine that with action it becomes unstoppable. More importantly, sharing your passion with others is what promotes accountability and authentic relationships. In this hands-on workshop, you will be challenged to think about what your passion is and how to act upon it. We will create our own personalized button that you can wear and share throughout the conference. Block #6: General Leadership There are new and emerging leaders looking to become the next great leader on campus. We also bring together some of the more seasoned established student leaders. These workshops have some amazing opportunities for both types leadership skill sets. Through traditional and new leadership theories, we've got you covered. This workshop block includes: The Art of Mobilizing Others: Your Student Leadership Challenge ExperiencePresenter: Joe UrbanskiYou will discover the five practices of exemplary leadership as researched for over 30 years by Kouzes and Posner. Once you have developed the mindset and skill set of personal leadership, it's time to take that leadership to your campus. But how do you get other people to want to follow you, to move toward a common purpose, to feel energized to work together and get things done that everyone can feel proud of? This is what the student leadership challenge experience is all about. How Intelligent Are You? Emotional Intelligence and the Leadership Altering EffectsPresenter: Darryl BellamyOur society places a huge value on Intellectual Intelligence (IQ), but is the world focused on the right intelligence? No. Studies have shown that your success is determined only 20 percent by your Intellectual Intelligence and the other 80 percent by your Emotional Intelligence (EQ). You’ve been thinking about life all wrong! Through interactive activities and collaboration with your peers, we’ll test your EQ and provide tips to improve your score, thus improving your overall future success. Avoid THEY: How to Handle Criticism as a LeaderPresenter: Alvert HernandezEver have someone come for you and you didn’t send for them? Dealing with criticism is hard! Whether constructive or not, criticism is something all student leaders will face in their leadership positions and beyond. Learn how to handle criticism successfully to unlock your true potential and be the best you can be. Block #7: Pop Culture Leadership Some of us love Game of Thrones. Others love Drake and Kendrick Lamar. You might be a Netflix binge master! These workshops take the unique #TrillEDU approach and show you how to become a better leader through a pop culture lens. This workshop block includes: Views from the SixPresenter: Lenny WilliamsDrake is an artist running his genre of music and beyond. He has turned himself into a global brand. Anything he touches approves or drops, hits the top of Billboard charts fast. As a professor of business, I’ll deconstruct the works of Drake within the world of marketing and branding. You’ll leave this presentation with a clear understanding of how to market yourself, your clubs, and your organizations effectively on your campus. We will enjoy music, lyrics, and interactive workshops all around the global star Drake. Beyoncé Always on Beat: Keys to Being a Versatile LeaderPresenter: Jeff DessThe hashtag #BeyoncéAlwaysOnBeat hit the internet showcasing Bey’s incredible versatility. Through this workshop and with the help of imagery and video content from Beyoncé, you will gain insight on versatile leadership and specific ways to manage different tasks with balance. You will learn how to wear different hats and help expand your vision, goals, and audience. Pop Culture Programming: Bringing the Cool into the NowPresenter: Antonio TalamoIn this interactive and hands-on workshop you will learn how to create effective programming through the use of pop culture. You will be challenged to think about your own workshops, programs, and events and how you can be more relevant with the social-media driven student population. We will define pop culture and discuss the five steps to take to create a comprehensive pop culture program. Work in groups to create your own event to take back to your campus. House Tagaryen School of LeadershipPresenter: Scott SiegelConnect leadership thoughts from the show Game of Thrones and ideas to a real world scenario that will benefit you in future situations. You might learn how to fly on dragons, too. Luke Cage Leadership: Always F.O.R.W.A.R.D.!Presenter: Alvert HernandezYou have been elected to a position, now what? This workshop will teach you about emerging as a leader on your college campus or your community at large. This workshop will utilize Luke Cage as a platform to have a discussion on breaking out of your shell and enacting change on your college campuses! Block #8: Professional Development Workshops for Advisors Advisors, we didn't forget about you. We have a comprehensive block of workshops that will not only help you better advise your students but also enhance your skills as an educator and professional. These workshops pay close attention to certain competencies of higher education and leadership. This workshop block includes: How to Find the Truth in the Age of Fake News and Alternative FactsPresenter: Odell BizellDoes the pulse of your campus move according to what’s popping on social media? Are there times you wish you could plainly articulate to your student leaders the difference between what is reported and what is true? In this innovative and engaging session, we will explore how advisors can help their students see past the mud thrown on social media timelines. Additionally advisors can initiate conversation that will lead to ideas and discussions that will help build the culture of diversity amongst their student leaders. iBrag DifferentPresenter: Tamara CunninghamReady to take your career to the next level, but find yourself stuck in the same professional place you’ve been in for years? Here’s your opportunity to brand and market yourself, leaving your name and presence unforgettable in the minds of top institutional decisionmakers—your bridge to that next opportunity. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to brag differently. You won’t just be that same student affairs rep that everyone knows. Your name and accomplishments will be the talk of the campus, the city, the state, the nation, the world. Come by and learn how. Leadership X Mentoring Presenters: Scott Siegel and Alvert HernandezIn the field of student affairs, mentoring can take on many forms. While we often consider mentoring between a student affairs professional and a student, it can extend to other individuals. Whether it’s a new colleague or being mentored by a senior administrator, mentorship occurs throughout higher education in various forms. In this interactive workshop, we will be using the GROW Model of coaching to explore Professor Charles Xavier’s different mentoring relationship with the X Men. Conquer the Calendar: Meeting Mastery to Work in your Line of GeniusPresenter: Marcey RaderDo you have a calendar filled with meetings without a purpose? Do you have trouble working on your projects because you spend all day on the phone or putting out fires? Learn the techniques you need to make meetings matter and allow you time to work in your line of genius. Learn why meetings are considered the #1 time-wasting task, the Rule of 7 and why “nice to have” works against you, the importance of scheduling deep focus and genius time, and how to boost meeting creativity and collaboration. Three Ways to Improve Your Office Environment and Personal Life in Less than a WeekPresenter: Stan Pearson IICreate a better office environment and create a more solid foundation for your personal and professional development. Receive guidance from someone who has worked through some of the very same issues that can frustrate you and stifle growth. This session will include roundtable discussions in addition to actual planning so you can begin to create the very office you want to be a part of. Create your own planning boards to take back to campus with you. This engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking session is one you can delve into to make your office better—as well as your life and surroundings. That’s D.O.P.E.—Diversity, Opportunities, Professionalism, and EngagementPresenters: Crasha Townsend and Skye HeasleyThis interactive session first explores how to effectively use diversity and opportunities for student development and things like planning/executing programs on campus that are truly inclusive for all students. We will also educate on the importance of not using a one-step approach when working with underrepresented students/students of color at your institutions, with the goal being that you learn how to work effectively with underrepresented student populations. Then, we focus on professionalism and engagement. We will cover the importance of being involved in conferences, professional organizations, and always looking for ways to better yourself as a professional so you can be current and up-to-date in your field. Dream and DrawPresenter: Paulie NassarRevamping the classic Paint and Sip, but instead of alcohol, we are going to drink off our dreams. This session will help focus the images in our heads and translate them onto the canvas. Music is a pivotal part of an artist’s process. This session will feature music from all over the world. Music is life, art is history. It is important to expand beyond our own cultures. Networking Events Whether you attend the conference on your own, or with a group from your college or university, the National Conference on Student Leadership (NCSL) offers opportunities to meet student leaders, conference workshop leaders, student affairs advisors, campus professionals, and keynote presenters from across the U.S. and around the world. Whether you're an introvert or extrovert, skilled in the art of networking, or eager to learn, NCSL is the place to discover new skills—and practice them. Come with the intention to meet and mingle. We'll help you along the way by offering various networking opportunities throughout the presentations, workshops, and meals. In between, we invite you to embody the habits of a leader and break outside your normal circle to meet others! Sit by someone new in a workshop, walk up and say "hi" to someone you don’t know, or make plans to meet a new friend at lunch. One of the great things about being at NCSL is that most delegates who attend have the same mindset—to learn more about themselves and to grow as individuals who contribute to their group, campus, and community. Practice these skills at NCSL and you will grow stronger as a leader. Learning and practicing the art of connection and will help you make a difference when you get back to campus and be better prepared for your professional career. Welcome Reception Join us Thursday evening for pizza, fruit, veggies, and beverages at our Welcome Reception. Don't miss out on this opportunity to continue the conversation with other conference delegates during an informal dinner. Again, we invite you to embody the habits of a leader and break outside your normal circle to meet others! Meet Your Presenters NCSL provides the opportunity for you to engage with our accomplished speakers, many who are authors, bloggers, and experts in professional fields – including career coaching, money management, social entrepreneurship, university professors, communication experts, and more. The conference is designed to encourage you to grow as an individual and as a soon-to-be professional post-college. Engage with the presenters at the conference (they’re ready and willing to connect with you.) Thank them for the content. Shake hands. Ask questions. Exchange emails for follow-up conversations. Practice Your Leadership Skills Be a model for what you know and what you learn here. Participate in every conference event and work with your team to leverage your experience when you get back to campus. Be prepared and on time for each event. Be attentive to your surroundings to gain the most from your experience. Special Events Please check this page often for updates. Leadership Day Party The Leadership Day Party will open the NCSL Fall 17 conference. Get ready to experience amazing music from DJ Dean August as you explore leadership and networking activities. This high energy kickoff will feature motivation, giveaways, and more! Lip Sync Battle It's time to take pretend singing to the NEXT LEVEL! Whether it's Beyoncé or Johnny Cash, from Drake to Maroon 5, this is the evening event for you! We are turning up with high levels of fun and energy. Stay tuned for more details. Leadership Pop-Up Shop The Leadership Pop-Up Shop brings together local and national businesses and organizations from various fields. It will feature graduate schools, Q&A sessions with speakers, and more! NCSL is focused on introducing students to an assortment of leadership and real world opportunities. Meet change agents, educators, and taste makers all at the same time. NCSL Speaks! Student Speaker Series Are you a student who has a passionate message about leadership, cultural diversity, or motivation? Watch as the student becomes the keynote speaker! Through a pre-selection process, a few students will have an opportunity to deliver short, 5-7 minute speeches during a keynote section of the conference. Watch this space for details on how to submit your student keynote. Student Preconference Workshop (additional charge) Leadership Master Class Thursday, November 16, 2017 | 8:00–11:30am Presenter: Jeff Dess This program focuses on the relevancy of leadership and disrupting traditional outlooks. Through this workshop, you will: Achieve new understanding of your role as a leader Gain clarity on recognizing your relevancy Become empowered to achieve excellence in any position Learn fresh innovative theories, ideas, and techniques to help you hone in on new skills Identify areas within yourself, your campus, and your community that you’d like to change or improve upon Create specific action steps to take back to your campus and communities Have fun while gaining high levels of insight (It’s the #TRILLEDU way!) You will have an opportunity to gain specific skills from workshops that no other student leaders have experienced. This workshop has specific components designed for NCSL students. This preconference workshop is divided into three sessions: What the 5 Elements of Hip-Hop Can Teach You about Your Leadership StyleHip-hop culture recently turned 40 years old. At its origin, the five elements of hip-hop, (rap, DJ’ing, breakdancing, graffiti art, and knowledge) were defining components that addressed issues of the community. They served as ways to build camaraderie, develop voices for the voiceless, and to create something from nothing. These alternative and creative leadership ideas can be translated into enhancing a leader’s ability to communicate and use creativity and innovation to improve the student experience. This workshop will give students the opportunity to identify and discuss key leadership skills, traits, and styles; learn how to adapt their leadership style to actual situations; and learn to critically self-analyze. The Venus and Serena Leadership ModelThe Venus and Serena Leadership Model helps students discover their own excellence. Techniques used by the tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams will serve as vehicles that will drive home theories such as accountability, multicultural competency, self-awareness, marketing, and more. In this session, you will develop higher levels of cultural competency, gain recognition of how marketing can help in leadership, and develop team-building skills. Leadership Master ClassThe Leadership Master Class disrupts every concept of leadership you’ve ever known before. This session is about investigating the challenges that come with being a leader. The uneasy question will be asked and eventually answered. We will break down traditional definitions in an effort to reveal alternative outlooks to ideas you have always believed to be true. The concept of leadership will be broken down, rebuilt, and restructured to its most effective point. The Trillest of Classes is in Session! You will cultivate a sense of self-awareness through identifying a leadership vision, mission, style, and values; examine your own and others’ intrinsic and extrinsic motivations as leaders; and gain a greater understanding of your own personal identities and how your identities shape their leadership. Speakers Year over year, the National Conference on Student Leadership (NCSL) assembles a dynamic group of facilitators who represent a diverse calling in life. We are pleased to introduce the Fall 2017 speakers who are dedicated to offering their best to you. Darryl Bellamy Darryl Bellamy is a professional speaker and author. His company is Bellamy Inspires, LLC. Bellamy is a corporate America dropout turned author of Waking Up Chase, professional speaker, and a rising star in the student development space. Bellamy graduated with his undergraduate degree in business management from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and now speaks at conferences, orientations, and campuses around the nation inspiring students to conquer their fears and self-doubt to lead on campus and in life. Darryl prides himself in only giving advice that he uses in his everyday life to overcome his fears and setbacks. What he teaches is what he does! Ash Cash Ash Exantus (otherwise known as Ash Cash) helps people maximize their full potential by giving them the inspiration, tools, and resources needed to live their best life. A personal finance expert, speaker, television/radio personality, bestselling author, business consultant, brand ambassador, and life coach to entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, executives, and high net-worth individuals, Cash is also the head of financial education at BankMobile; a digital app that provides a financially empowering banking experience to 2million+ customers. Cash has been featured on popular national media outlets such as CNN, The New York Times, WSJ, American Banker, CNBC,, Black Enterprise, Essence Magazine, Ebony, BET, Pix11 Morning News, Fox Business News, and countless others. Dave Collins Dave Collins is an award-winning improviser, coach, and corporate strategist with 10 years of experience in improvising and coaching. He presently works to find innovative ways to develop practical business skills through improv training. Like Aesop’s fable about Oak and the Reeds, he believes modern organizational cultures must incorporate basic improv tools and techniques to survive and thrive in any storm. Along with his teammates, Dave won the National Collegiate Improv Tournament in 2010, has headlined shows across the country, and individually coaches hundreds of students and professionals in the art and practice of improv. When not on stage or directing, he has applied his analytical and facilitation talents to his work as a workplace strategist and change management expert for AECOM Strategy Plus, encouraging clients to embrace change. Tamara Cunningham Tamara Cunningham has been a leader in higher education for 18 years and has held roles in both academic affairs and student affairs, including adjunct faculty in the department of English, coordinator for residence life, assistant director of campus life, SGO & Greek life advisor, assistant dean of students, supervisor of transfer student services and assistant to the president and provost. She is currently the assistant vice president for global initiatives at New Jersey City University where she oversees the institution’s strategic internationalization plan. Tamara and her husband are ministers at Christian Love Baptist Church in Irvington, NJ, and they have three children. Bertrand Gervais Acknowledged by President Obama for his work as a young leader in America, Bert Gervais, AKA “The Mentor Guy,” is an author, thought leader, and mentor evangelist. The book Millennial Leaders named him one of “The Top Gen Y” leaders in the country. His secret? By the time he was 25 years old, he had already formed 25 mentor relationships. Having been born in Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, Bert quickly realized the value of seizing opportunities and encourages his peers to do the same. He came to America with no connections, limited resources, and separated from his mother. Bert quickly turned his step backs into step ups. By 2006, while at Binghamton University, he started an internet company and was named the East Coast Student Entrepreneur of the Year. By 2007 he had already fundraised ,000 for Hurricane Katrina victims. His bestselling book Who’s In Your Top Hive: Your Guide to Finding Your Success Mentors, shares the lessons he learned during his journey. He has spoken to over 30,000 young adults in 30 states and two countries, and has been featured on Fox News and in USA Today. Alvert Hernandez Alvert is a graduate student pursuing his master’s in higher education administration and leadership at Montclair State University. He is a former two-term Student Government President, also with experience in residence life, new student orientation, Greek life, admissions, and first-year student experience programs. He is a proud Cuban and Dominican American and loves arroz con habichuelas y pollo guisado. Ashley Mui Mui is the co-founder of PlanIt Brooklyn, a creative consulting company in New York City that specializes in social engineering—committed to growing start-ups, emerging leaders, and small institutions. Crowned the Gratitude Guru by her community, she is also the creator of Gratuity Included, a business dedicated to putting the ease into daily gratitude. In early 2012, she led Love & Gratitude: A 21-day gratitude challenge, activating over 30 women across the country to cultivate grateful lives. Mui is most proud of self-publishing a 365 perpetual gratitude calendar, “Gratitude Made From Scratch,” a collection of gratitude affirmations, quotes, and messages from her journal, handwritten each day and guaranteed to have a profound influence in your life. As a power giver, Mui continues to support people in creating rich, full, and abundant lives. Paulie Nassar Growing up in New York City, Paul Nassar was inspired by all the writing on the walls—and that's where his obsession with murals began. He took his love of art, studied economics for college in Scotland, and made it his mission to create daily. Nassar took his passion for creating and his love for community and co-founded Off The Wall Graffiti, a nonprofit dedicated to young artists whose only exposure or opportunity to paint is in the streets. The group takes these kids and gives them a place where they can create safely. Nassar's art takes him on many ventures, including murals, canvas, body paint, and music. His current projects include playing percussion on upcoming projects with Young Guru, as well as painting murals for elementary schools in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Stan Pearson Stan Pearson II is a bi-lingual speaker, motivational comedian and author. He was voted Speaker of the Year 2011 by APCA and a Diversity Artist of the Year finalist by Campus Activities Magazine. His presentations connect, entertain, and educate everyone, regardless of race, gender, age, religion, or cultural or socio-economic background. Stan earned his BA in Spanish from Missouri Western State University and his Masters in business administration with a concentration in management from Texas A & M International University. As an undergraduate, Stan had political aspirations and was able to intern for the late Governor Mel Carnahan in the Office of Boards and Commissions, and later for his wife, Senator Jean Carnahan, on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. He believes you're good, you're great, you're worth it! Tonya Rapley Tonya Rapley is a nationally recognized millennial money expert and creator of the award- winning site, My Fab Finance. In 2014 she was deemed the “New Face of Wealth Building” by Black Enterprise Magazine and featured as their cover subject. Tonya’s mission is to help millennials break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck so that they can become financially free and do more of what they love. She is the host and executive producer of the web series Fab Finance with Tonya for Centric and the creator of the #BanishTheBalance challenge, a debt elimination challenge that helped over 4,000 participants pay off more than 0,000 of debt in sixty days. Tonya is a full-time entrepreneur and tours the country providing workshops for private and nonprofit clients. Her client list includes Fidelity Investments, Prudential, the National Endowment for Financial Education and FinCon (the financial bloggers conference). Marcey Rader Marcey Rader is the founder of the Work Well and Play More! Institute and Marcey Rader Coaching. She is a productivity and health expert specializing in helping high achievers climb the ladder without sacrificing productivity and health. Marcey coaches busy professionals from solopreneurs to Fortune 100 companies how to eat for energy, find movement opportunities to increase creativity, efficiently control the inbox, and best manage their time to Work Well and Play More! She is the bestselling author of Beyond Travel: A Road Warrior’s Survival Guide and Hack the Mobile Lifestyle: 6 Steps to Work Well and Play More! Scott Siegel Scott Siegel-Ortiz is a well-rounded higher education professional with over eight years of dedication to the development and success of students. His passion for making an impact knows no boundaries and is constantly striving to reach the next level while encouraging his students to do the same. He currently serves as the assistant director of student life and engagement at Columbia University Business School. Scott also loves long walks down the aisles of Target and likes to post lots of pics of his cats on social media.  Antonio Talamo Antonio is a young higher education professional that has experience working in student activities and advisement. He has brought his talents to Montclair State University where he will be the coordinator for commuter students and programs. He has grown from a go-to-class-go-home student to a professional who is passionate about giving students the best college experience at any level. He is a huge sports fan who loves the New York Giants and the Boston Red Sox and swears he is the reason the Red Sox broke the Bambino curse. #GYLT #GetYourLifeTogether. Conference Daily Schedule Thursday, November 16, 2017 7:00–8:00 am Registration open for morning preconference participants 8:00 am–6:00 pm Registration open for all participants Preconference Workshops (Additional Fee–two advisor and one student) 8:00–11:30 am Student Leadership Master Class with Trill or Not Trill(Dual Dialog, 5 elements of hip hop, Serena & Venus) 8:00–10:30 am Advisor Preconference Workshop #1:Dual Dialog/Irrelevant Giant 8:00–11:30 am Advisor Preconference Workshop #2:How to Increase Your Peace and Triple Your Productivity: A Session for Busy Professionals 11:30 am–Noon Break and Lunch on your own Conference Begins Noon–2:30 pm Leadership Day Party, Conference Welcome, Keynote Noon-1:20 pm   Leadership Day Party 1:20-1:30 pm   Welcome 1:30-2:30 pm   Keynote: Starve Your Ego while Bringing More to the Table, Presenter: Lenny Williams 2:30–2:45 pm Break 2:45–3:45 pm Workshop Block #1 3:45–4:00 pm Break 4:00–5:00 pm Workshop Block #2 5:00–6:45 pm Networking Reception 7:00–8:30 pm Final Segment and Graduation Student Leadership Master Class (Preconference) 7:00 pm On Your Own- Explore Washington D.C.! Friday, November 17, 2017 7:30 am–2:00 pm Registration Open 7:30–8:15 am Continental Breakfast 8:15–8:30 am Morning Warm-Up 8:30–9:30 am Keynote Presentation:Redefining the Tree of Leadership, Presenter: Alyea Pierce 9:45–10:45 am Workshop Block #3 10:45–11:00 am Break 11:00 am–Noon Workshop Block #4 12:15–1:15 pm Lunch 1:15–1:30 pm Break 1:30–2:30 pm Workshop Block #5 2:30–2:45 pm Break 2:45–4:45 pm Leadership Pop-up shop Evening free for Dinner on your own and explore Washington D.C. Saturday, November 18, 2017 7:30 am–2:00 pm Registration Open 7:30–8:15 am Continental Breakfast 8:15–8:30 am Morning Warm-Up 8:30–9:30 am Keynote Presentation:Alternate Dimensions: Sci Fi Lessons for Visionary Leaders, Presenter: Saby Labor 9:30–9:45 am Break 9:45–10:45 am Workshop Block #6 10:45–11:00 am Break 11:00 am–Noon Workshop Block #7 Noon–12:15 pm Break 12:15–1:15 pm LunchPlaza Ballroom 1:15–1:30 pm Break 1:30–2:30 pm Workshop Block #8 2:30–2:45 pm Break 2:45–3:45 pm Workshop Block #9 3:45–4:00 pm Break 4:00–5:30 pm Keynote Presentation:NCSL Speaks! Dinner on your own and explore Washington D.C. 7:15–9:00 pm               Special Event: Lip Synch Battle Sunday, November 19, 2017 8:00–9:00 am Continental Breakfast 9:00–10:00 am Keynote Presentation:You Can’t Lead Others Until You First Lead Yourself CE 10:00 am Conference Adjourns Please note: Please check this page often for schedule updates and details. Schedule is subject to change. Please contact the event manager Marilyn below for the following: – Discounts for registering 5 or more participants.- If you company requires a price quotation.Event Manager Contact: marilyn.b.turner(at)nyeventslist.comYou can also contact us if you require a visa invitation letter, after ticket purchase. We can also provide a certificate of completion for this event if required.NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFER ALLOWED ON REGISTRATIONS —————————————————————–This Event Listing is Promoted  byNew York Media Technologies LLC in associationwith Magna Pubs.http://www.NyEventsList.comhttp://www.BostonEventsList.com—————————————————————–MAR170513UPD

at Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill
400 New Jersey Ave. NW
Washington, United States

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