Neurofitness for the Maturing Brain: Seminar & Class

Neurofitness for the Maturing Brain: Seminar & Class
Event on 2017-06-10 09:00:00
Scientists have discovered that the brain has the ability to make new neural connections at any age – referred to as neuroplasticity. They are further uncovering that MOVING YOUR BODY is a crucial and efficient way to keep your brain healthy and generating new networks. Come join in to learn about and experience ways that movement and sensory engagement can actually help us, not just physically, but also cognitively and emotionally, as we mature. You are welcome to attend either or both sessions! Morning Seminar        9:00a – 12:00p         In this dynamic, experiential lecture, Tendril Kinetics Founder Emily Hodos will explain some basics about the brain and neuroplasticity, especially as it relates to common concerns as we age – memory, vision, hearing, keeping organized, maintaining good balance and coordination. She will then discuss the link to movement and introduce simple and strategic movement, sensory (and mindfulness) exercises that integrate body and brain to help us maintain or strengthen physical and mental sharpness and agility. Neurofitness has the potential to support a whole range of life skills like… Balance & Coordination   |   Posture & Walking   |   Writing & Using Hands   |   Vision & Hearing   |   Rhythm & Timing   |   Organization & Planning   |   Working Memory   |   Mental Acuity ALL of these abilities are important for adults looking to age with strength, grace, and vitality! Afternoon Neurofitness Class        1:30 – 3:00p If you've already gotten the concept of neurofitness by attending the morning session or you really just want to jump into the DOING without the WHY and HOW it works,  hop on board! This introductory class is designed to explore movement and sensory exercises that address cognitive and physical concerns of aging… all while having fun! Emily Hodos will take participants through a range of mindfulness, movement, and sensory exercises that provide a taste of what these techniques can do for us as part of a daily practice. These activities will both overlap and expand upon the exercises introduced in the morning session. Please bring a water bottle and wear clothing comfortable for movement activity. Yoga mats will be provided and modifications can be made for those who have dificulty with floor activities.

at Roots & Wings Yoga & Healing Arts
317 North Main Stret
Natick, United States

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