Nithya Dhyaan meditation

Nithya Dhyaan meditation
Event on 2016-06-11 10:00:00
Are you facing problems at work? in relationship? are you just looking for meaning in life? Do you feel that you are not in control of your life? In this meditation workshop we will teach the principles of mindfulness and give you a step by step process to apply it to your daily problems. It is a way to find your authentic self – the part of you that works beyond the zone of stress, worries & negativity; discover the part of you that is empowered to take control of your life.
This class is for everyone – no prior requirement necessary.
What is the natural state of the mind? It seems like the nature of the mind is to wander from one thought to the next! The mind oscillates between thoughts from the past or the future, bringing with immense stress due to regrets from the past or anxiety about what the future is going to be!!
Man is born a blissful being, but loses this state rapidly due to various external factors that condition the mind and disrupt this true nature. Bliss is the true nature of every being. Enjoying the present moment to the fullest is our birth right. There is an unconscious constant yearning to connect to this source of bliss that is hidden deep within us. Layers of mental patterns and emotional disturbances act as barriers when we try to reach this ocean of bliss. Connection to the ocean of bliss enables us enjoy immense creativity, energy, and intelligence available within each one of us. We only need to present the opportunity to connect to our source of bliss and move inwards towards it.

at Nithyananda Vedic Temple Bay Area
Milpitas, United States

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