NLP4Kids Practitioner Silver Level Training

NLP4Kids Practitioner Silver Level Training
Event on 2017-03-11 09:00:00
Do you enjoy working with children? In The first three days of this training you will learn how to use the techniques that I have adapted from NLP for use with children and young people, in a workshop setting and in one to one coaching sessions. The fourth day of this training focuses on marketing. On this day you will learn how to…. Get the attention of your desired clients. Turn enquiries into paying clients Promote your workshops Testimonials and how to get themWho to speak to in schoolsHow to build relationships with schools Practise set up Using branding Marketing methods – what works and what doesn’t Making your website work as a marketing tool How to improve your website ranking Why you need to niche your business Design and production of products.

at The Box Moor Trust Centre
London Road
Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom

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