No French language testing available for immigrants in Yukon

No French language testing available for immigrants in Yukon
Francophone immigrants in the North face higher fees and more challenges when trying to complete language requirements for permanent residency. To become a permanent resident in Canada, newcomers must prove language proficiency in one of two …

Why Pinterest just open-sourced new tools for the Elixir programming language
At Pinterest, that company with a popular app for pinning images and other content to boards, much of the source code is written in the longstanding Python programming language. But in the past year, a few of the company's software engineers have …
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Supreme Court approves ballot language for medical marijuana
Florida voters will likely get another look at a proposed amendment to legalize medical marijuana. The state's high court has approved the language. Greg Fox (@GregFoxWESH) has the story. Show Transcript Hide Transcript. Advertising. Video Transcript.
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