One in four of Brits are NEVER promoted in their jobs

One in four of Brits are NEVER promoted in their jobs
A quarter of workers in Britain never get promoted while one in ten has waited more than a decade, a new study reveals. This career stalling has resulted in almost a third of employees – 29 per cent – changing professions because they felt 'stuck in a …
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Snapchat Replay, New Filters: How To Use In-App Purchases
In a move designed to shore up Snapchat's monetization policy, Snapchat decided to start charging its users $ 0.99 for three extra replays on top of the one free replay they already allowed users to have per day. This, an achievement based system called …

Spacetime Studios' Call of Champions joins the mobile MOBA fray on iOS
The touch-screen game has a tutorial that runs through how you play. There are two teams, two lanes, and two fortresses. Both lanes have orbs in neutral spots. Those orbs replace the minions, or artificial intelligence characters, in traditional MOBAs …
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