Personal Traction – Building a killer message, network, and pitch in Silicon Valley – FULL DAY

Personal Traction – Building a killer message, network, and pitch in Silicon Valley – FULL DAY
Event on 2016-06-25 09:00:00
Got an idea, innovation or company you need to promote?  In Silicon Valley, it's not so easy to interest, impress, and excite people. But you have to!  Innovation that doesn't excite doesn't matter because it won't happen. Now there's a one-day, one of a kind event to immediately get you on track. Learn how to go from concept to message to pitch from Silicon Valley's Pitch Doctor, Roy Terry. Bring your idea, your evidence, your stories or anecdotes, data, and market observations. Bring everything you've got and finally get it arranged in a compelling form. Plus, get live practice with delivery and expert feedback from a professional speaker. Up your game, gain clarity, impact, and follow through. Based on years of experience in pitch coaching, facilitation, and leadership training, this new FULL DAY workshop is your best bet to QUICKLY go from mumbling to commanding. The secret is proper structure, transitions, and delivery. This workshop will transform your skills in message, pitching, motivation. WHO WILL BENEFIT: Any professional who needs to persuade and lead. Including startup cofounders, sales and consulting professionals, independent business owners and entrepreneurs. Do you need to deliver a powerful and motivating message? Do you need to position yourself as superior to any other alternative? Do you need to align your message with your personal motivations? Get follow-ups? Deliver a full pitch? Pitch in conversation while building rapport? Workshop is for you! Join us and walk out with a strong working pitch. A little SECRET: Some features of this training are especially targeted to corporate innovation; this may be the one and only time they are offered in a low cost public event. TOPICS COVERED: 1) Your professional message, 2) Your mindset for prep and delivery, 3) Easily relating to others and creating a collaborative attraction. 4) Pitching in conversation, 5) Dealing with perceived limitations or weaknesses. IN DETAIL: 1) A Message Bootcamp where you will develop a stronger, fully focused business promotion message – Startup or conventional. You WILL practice and internalize a more effective message! 2) Silicon Valley Charm School, mini-session. Learn and practice gaining quick rapport and good will with people you meet. Feel confident approaching anyone. 3) Create and Deliver a full-blown pitch! Client or investor focused. Get a video of your final "take" for future improvement. Discover a reusable format that transforms any pitch from so-so to SOLID. BENEFITS: Own your message! Every professional startup or corporate, needs a value offer, some differentiation and strong delivery that provides credibility, detail and future steps. These abilities are at the core of Personal Traction. You will get ample time to build and practice a message, learn message principles and delivery styles that you can use in all situations.   Join Roy Terry, Silicon Valley's Pitch Doctor, for a FULL DAY session in a small group where you'll benefit from lots of individual attention as well as from peer feedback and best practices. Attendance is limited. Your Presenter   Roy Terry is a professional pitch coach who has served numerous startups here in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. His practice,, serves both local and overseas companies. Several client companies have subsequently been funded for a combined amount of over 2 million dollars. Mr. Terry was featured in February of 2014 as a pitch coaching expert on the French Business network BFMTV. Clients include Talentoday, Video Stitch, and Market Carrot. He is a tech veteran with over 30 years’ experience in Silicon Valley as software developer, project lead, and consultant. Mr. Terry has been training and coaching communication in the Silicon Valley since 1995 and past clients include Hewlett Packard and Oracle Corporation for professional communication skills. Mr. Terry is experienced as a public speaker, NLP practitioner, and also incorporates relevant knowledge and practice from stage acting, standup, and improv. As Silicon Valley's Pitch Doctor, has conducted many workshops and helped 100s of founders with pitching and storytelling. Clients include winners of K-TECH west, Launch Festival 2014, and The French New Enterprise Laureates. Mr. Terry is the preferred pitch coach for KOTRA, The French Tech Hub, Techcode, Innowest, and the Cardinal Pitch Club.  

at Innowest
764 San Aleso Ave
Sunnyvale, United States

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