Perth Seminar: Free Media Publicity

Perth Seminar: Free Media Publicity
Event on 2016-06-09 08:15:00
How to get free publicity on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and online and create more sales      PERTH SEMINAR – 30 OCTOBER 2015   Join Journalist & Public Relations Executive, Sue Papadoulis, as she presents the:   "Free Media Publicity” Seminar   Imagine your business being featured on:   Television – like The Project, Today Tonight, The Today Show or Kochie's Business Builders Newspapers – like the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, the West Australian or the Brisbane Courier Mail Magazines – like BRW, Australian Property Investor, Gourmet Traveller or New Idea Radio Stations – like 3AW, 6PR, 6WF, 2UE or 4BC Online News & Social Media – like,, or Channel 10’s Facebook page   You Can Generate Media Exposure   – all it takes is some insider knowledge   For the first time, a journalist is lifting the lid on the PR game and proving that getting media coverage is not complicated, difficult or expensive (as PR firms may have you believe).   "It's simple when you know what a journalist really wants,” says Sue. “If I can get thousands of dollars in promotion by appearing on A Current Affair, then so can YOU!"   In the half-day training Sue reveals the proven blueprint for how you can generate thousands of dollars in free publicity and sales AND do it on an ongoing basis.   During the seminar, Sue will be revealing:   THE FOUR STEPS TO MEDIA COVERAGE and SALES SUCCESS:   1. Insider journalist knowledge – this is critical to your publicity campaign and means you never need to hire an expensive Public Relations firm ever again   2. An exceptional publicity campaign – including coming up with a great story ideas, writing a winning press release, and understanding the process of contacting the media and getting publicity   3. Use media coverage for Search Engine Optimisation – how to use the media to get to number one on Google.This really is the untapped and missing link to how to drive customers to your business through the web   4. A mindset for success -Sue will reveal some of her personal secrets to creating a 7-figure business and why this is critical to success in the media   Plus, Sue will also be sharing:   The 7 Pillars of Exceptional Publicity Campaigns including:   1. Understanding a journalist needs you as much as you need them 2. The impact of being seen as a credible expert in the media and how this creates business for you 3. Why it’s all about YOUR STORY not the size of your business 4. Identifying your unique “something of interest” for the media 5. What you need in a press release that has the media calling you back – and how to write a press release in less than one hour 6. Why you must distribute your press releases online and use Google News 7. Why you must use the media to be found online on social media and news sites – this really is the future of business growth   Others who've completed Sue's training have appeared on:   Television: The Project, Today Tonight, A Current Affair, Channel 7's Morning Show, Sky Business News, Channel 7, 9, 10 and ABC nightly news bulletins Newspapers: Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Sun Herald, Daily Telegraph, Brisbane Courier Mail, the West Australian Radio stations: 2UE, 2GB, 4BC, 3AW, 5AA, 6PR, 6WF, 3AW, Today FM, Triple M Magazines: BRW, Gourmet Traveller, New Idea, Woman’s Day, My Business, Dynamic Business Online News:, ninemsn,, Social Media: Facebook pages and Twitter accounts of Channel 10, The Project, Today Tonight, Channel 7, Woman’s Day   Plus many others! Sonya Karras, Channel 10’s The Project ,000 in free publicity “Sue breaks down the processes of gaining incredible publicity for your business into simple tasks.It is literally a step by step guide on how to boost your profile on potentially a massive scale.Two months after completing her training I appeared on national TV show, The Project!!It works.” Scott and Belinda Woolford, Channel 7’s Morning Show – ,000 in free publicity “After Sue's course I sent out my first press release to mainstream media and had Channel 7's Morning Show get back to me within two minutes saying they were interested and wanted to do a story on Scott. The press release was definitely the key that helped us get our message across. It not only generated a huge, nation-wide response but we also had print media wanting to do stories as well. Sue's course is a must!” Kylie Apostoles Today Tonight and the Sunday Times – ,000 in free publicity “What an amazing few days I’ve had after being on Today Tonight! Sue, I can’t thank you enough for all your knowledge and help. Going on Today Tonight was something I thought was not possible until I understood the power of writing your kind of press release – thank you!.” Justine Pollard, NBN News and Sun Herald – ,000 in free publicity “I sent out my first press release about surviving another global financial crisis and the media was very interested in what I had to say. I got an interview in the Sun Herald, a spot on NBN TV News and a request to be on Sky Business News. Thank you!” Ken Wood, Universal Events ,000 in sales from one newspaper article! “Not only have we had coverage in a major metropolitan newspaper but we’ve also had several radio interviews. And that coverage has led to concrete results. We increased our attendance by 50% and that gave us a direct financial return, as a result of working with Sue.” Sue really walks her talk. With one press release alone, Sue created 0,000 worth of publicity for herself by appearing on A Current Affair. This led to ,000 worth of sales – selling simply a .95 per month membership program.   This is NOT your average public relations or press release writing training, nor is it one of those how to get into the media (but not make any money) programs. It is real and honest advice from a journalist and publicity expert who is fed up with the bigger end of town getting the lion's share of media coverage while big PR firms pocket massive fees.   Sue is a journalist by trade. So, she knows…   1) What a journalist wants to see 2) How to get their attention And especially… 3) How to give them exactly what they need.   Every author, speaker, solo entrepreneur and business owner has something that is of interest to the media – and Sue can prove it to you. You can get results and make money from publicity without hiring an expensive PR firm.   This is half a day of Sue’s exclusive 2 day training FOR JUST .00 (5 value).— This is not an introduction. It is full of unique, nothing-like-it content that you can use straight away.   Plus! Register today and you will also receive an exclusive Publicity Checklist, containing 7 Journalist Secrets that are Make or Break When it Comes to Getting Publicity in the Media.  Print out the Publicity Checklist and stick it to the wall by your desk to remind you of what action to take to get publicity in the media.   SCROLL TO THE TOP AND REGISTER NOW – space is limited and seminars do often sell out.   Email for further information.         Please note: Enrolment is subject to no refunds or cancellations although, if you wish to reschedule seminar attendance to another date within a 12 month period (subject to availability), notice must be received within 7 working days prior to the event. By attending this event you will also receive a complimentary subscription to Sue’s popular and inspiring monthly e-newsletter Spark, full of publicity ideas and strategies for business growth.Opt out at any time if you do not wish to receive this on an ongoing basis.

at Technology Park, 2 Brodie Hall Drive, Bentley
2 Brodie Hall Drive
Perth, Australia

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