Pitch-In – December, 2015

Pitch-In – December, 2015
Event on 2015-12-01 17:30:00
If you want to pitch, please submit your deck and actionable ask by Wednesday, November 25, 2015. Instructions below. VCAMP will select 5 presenters with the best pitch decks. Get better quicker! Are you a founder with an idea? How about an entrepreneur stumped by roadblocks? Love to give feedback and pay-it-forward? Want to work for a startup? Pitch to fellow founders on the first Tuesday of every month and get instant feedback. Sign up now for this FREE event. VCAMP is proud to host this conversation building our community. FAQs Do I need to register even though the event is free? Yes, since pitching slots and seating are limited. We're taking registrations on a first-come first-serve basis. Please register now, and tell us whether you'd like to pitch!   Where is the building and suite? VCAMP is within Algonquin Studios, located on the second floor of the Brisbane Building, across from the Hotel @ Lafayette at 391 Washington Street in downtown Buffalo, NY.   What are my parking options? Free on-street parking begins at 5pm, or use the Adams Ramp, corner of Eagle and Washington Streets.   What's the format of Pitch-In? If you're an upcoming founder with an idea, you get 5 minutes to pitch it. If you're an entrepreneur with a startup, you get 5 minutes to pitch it and cover current roadblocks (e.g. funding, talent, tools, culture, etc.). After both, there's a 5 minute feedback period with the audience, helping to refine ideas or open new avenues. There's no better place to meet a co-founder, find a job, or break down the barriers to new startups. You're not the only person confronting an issue. Chances are, someone can help. Come prepared with your pitch and your thinking cap. Learn from your community!   What's the night-of schedule?  Tuesday, December 1, 2015 5:30pm Networking and Refreshments 6:00pm Pitch, Feedback, Repeat 7:00pm Pitching Wraps Up Later: Take your conversation to the Pan Am Grill and Brewery across Washington Street   I want to pitch! How do I participate? Please register now for an "I'm pitching!" ticket. We have limited pitch slots to honor everyone's time. By Wednesday, November 25, 2015, email these items to thiemecke@vcamp.co with the subject "Pitch-In December, 2015": Pitch Deck Square Logo (same X and Y size) Your actionable, open-ended "Asks" One-Line Summary of Your Startup URL for More Info Your text/mobile phone (for last minute changes) We'll vet your deck, tell you if you're selected and schedule you for a slot. If you're an alternate, please come to Pitch-In to capitalize on a no-show. Anyone can revise and apply for next month too. Show up on time the night of Pitch-In, give it your best shot, and listen well during Q&A.  Suggestions: Please be specific in your "ask." You can ask for help on tech, operations, law, accounting, investor perspective, consumer reactions, marketing, user experience, team mates, co-founders… really anything. We'll focus the audience on your ask first, and general feedback second. Please be open-ended in your "ask." Try to lead the audience into a conversation. You'll get much more out of the audience by hearing how they think about your "ask" than by getting discrete "yes/no/1/2/Dr. Fred" answers. For example, "What are some reasons you think this is good?" is way better than "Is this good?" Also, make your "ask" actionable. You'll get better help from the audience and advance your business when your ask suggests how others can help you. Actionable "asks" are things like, "I want to meet a talented team mate," "I'm looking for a co-founder," "I need access to a machine to get past a bottleneck," or "I really need advice on this topic." Just asking the audience to "respond to your idea" or to "give money" will miss a chance for someone to help you move your business ahead.  Please also make sure you fit your pitch into 5 minutes. We have to be hard on this to be fair to others. Practice! Please do not make a pitch to sell the audience on using your existing products or services. Pitch-In is an event to try out new things and get you past road-blocks. Although we prefer scalable business models, we will review all submissions. We also like variety. We'll line up your pitch deck on a laptop and projector ahead of time. Please use PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, or the URL of your pitch (e.g. Prezi). Please don't expect sound since we're not using a PA for the computer. Technical glitches can happen; how do you recover?   Remember, launching into a conversation with your engaged audience is the goal. Give them something to ask for more. Don't pack-in overwhelming detail. We already know you're the expert. Consider bringing someone to take notes for you during Q&A, so you can focus on the audience for 5 minutes. Looking for inspiration? Try PitchEnvy.  If you don't get a chance to pitch, please sign up for the next Pitch-In on the first Tuesday of the next month. Thanks for your bravery! You can continue feedback after 7pm with anyone interested by taking your conversation to the pub across the street. We’ll keep revising the format of this event each month, to raise your exposure and the value of your dialog.    I've never pitched before. What outline would you suggest?  If you don’t have a pitch deck, that’s OK. Please make one. Here’s an outline that covers the typical topics. Only set the stage to make your "ask." With luck, this will get you past your audience’s typical questions, and into the meat of a better conversation.  Intro – Who are you, what’s your startup name, and what stage are you at? Anyone age 8-80 should get it. Problem – Why is there a need? A really short story to put the audience in your customer’s shoes Solution – How do you make it better? Market – Total Size; target part you serve; what’s unique about you? Team – Your role and others; who are you looking for? Financials – Real brief: capital needed; how long until cash flow break-even; how much profit by year X? Ask – Specifically, what obstacles must you overcome next? Not just money.  Please be clear up front about your "ask." Again, omit parts that don't apply to your "ask."   I've pitched before. Can I go again? Yes! Practice helps.   I'm not ready to pitch yet. Can I go next month? We'd love for you to get the audience's feedback on what you've already got. Why not go this month and next month, and get that much better?     What if I'm a supporter? Come on out! We need your advice and your network. Whether you're a battle-hardened technologist, an ace attorney, or a student with ambition, sometimes your fresh pairs of eyes and ears help a friend more than anything else.     

at Algonquin Studios
403 Main Street
Buffalo, United States

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