RankBrain Explained, and How It Affects Marketing

RankBrain Explained, and How It Affects Marketing
To analogize, if the search engine were an internal combustion engine, with many critical parts that work together, such as pistons, spark plugs and an alternator, Hummingbird would be the engine and RankBrain would be one of those critical parts …
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Microsoft's Edge Browser Gains Extensions
For these reasons, PR pros continuously search for new, innovative solutions that enable them to deliver strong, measurable results for their companies and clients. One of the most popular solutions, at least for those targeting the Tech Industry, is …
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Microsoft's OneDrive short URLs pointed attackers right at your private files
Since bit.ly URLs are not entirely random, the pair noted in the paper, it was possible to adjust the search to specific blocks of token addresses to get even higher success rates. Scanning the whole short URL space, however, is within reach of …
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