Reactor Prep: Learn to Code (May 2 / evening)

Reactor Prep: Learn to Code (May 2 / evening)
Event on 2016-05-02 18:30:00
WHAT IS REACTOR PREP?   Reactor Prep is a part-time course for people exploring an exciting and rewarding career as a software engineer and looking to take their first steps. During this four-week course, we explore the fundamentals of computer programming using JavaScript, the world’s most popular programming language.  At the end of Reactor Prep, you will not only be able to use your newfound coding skills to build functional web applications, you will also be prepared to tackle the Hack Reactor Admissions Challenge and Technical Interview! Our curriculum is comprised of exercises, projects, code-alongs and lectures that introduce you to the tools and concepts you need in order to get started with your transition into the world of coding. The course is taught by experienced professional web development engineers trained as Hack Reactor instructors. If you have ever thought about applying to Hack Reactor and becoming a software engineer, this course will give you a structured classroom environment to learn the basics.  WHAT CONCEPTS ARE COVERED IN REACTOR PREP?  Reactor Prep will take you from your first steps in programming to building functional websites with JavaScript. Here’s a summary of our curriculum:            • Week 1               •  Functions               •  Conditionals               •  Repetition            • Week 2               •  Iteration               •  Arrays and Objects               •  Basic Data Modeling            • Week 3               •  Higher-Order Functions               •  Scopes and Closures            • Week 4               •  Advanced Data Modeling               •  Object-oriented programming WHEN DO WE MEET?  Reactor Prep meets Monday to Thursday, 6:30-10:00PM from May 2th to May 26th.  56 hours of instruction are delivered over 16 classes.  WHERE ARE WE MEETING?  NextSpace Union Square  1 Hallidie Plaza, 2nd Floor  San Francisco, CA, 94102 DIRECTIONS  NextSpace is right above the Powell Street BART and MUNI station between Payless Shoesource and Carl's Jr. If you are driving in, the closest garage is 5th and Mission, just one block down 5th Street. Up-to-date pricing can be found here.  HOW MUCH DOES REACTOR PREP COST?  Tuition for Reactor Prep is ,450. We accept all major credit cards and checks. DO I NEED A LAPTOP?  Yes, you need to bring a laptop to every class. Mac is preferred but Windows-based machines work as well. 

DOES COMPLETING REACTOR PREP GUARANTEE ME A SPOT IN HACK REACTOR?  Although this course prepares you for Hack Reactor’s admissions process, completion of the course does not guarantee acceptance to the Hack Reactor program. You will need to complete the same Admissions Challenge and Technical Interview process as all other Hack Reactor applicants.  HOW IS REACTOR PREP DIFFERENT FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF THE COURSE?  This course focuses entirely on Javascript and prepares you for the Admissions Challenge and Technical Interview at Hack Reactor.  HOW IS THIS COURSE DIFFERENT FROM FULCRUM OR OTHER HACK REACTOR CORE NETWORK PREP COURSES?   Reactor Prep is one of several options for students with no prior programming experience to prepare themselves for admission to Hack Reactor's onsite immersive program. Reactor Prep is facilitated in-person by an instructor who leads you through lecture material before breaking into pairs and applying your new knowledge through practical application.  Fulcrum is intended for students who already have a foundational knowledge of JavaScript. Fulcrum students work through that program individually, at their own pace, with the guidance of a team of technical mentors. If you are already comfortable working with arrays, objects, and functions, then you might consider Fulcrum. If you are learning to code for the very first time, Reactor Prep will help you take your first steps.  If you intend to prepare for Hack Reactor's onsite course, Reactor Prep is for you!  WHO DO I CONTACT IF I HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT REACTOR PREP?  Please email

at Citizen Space
425 Second Street #300
San Francisco, United States

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