Renew & Refresh: Women’s Health and Wellness Event

Renew & Refresh: Women’s Health and Wellness Event
Event on 2016-06-11 10:00:00
Empowering Women on Their Journey to Lifelong Health! Join us as we explore women’s health and wellness topics with several professionals from the Cedar Rapids/Marion area who will bring their expertise to you at this live event. You will walk away with steps you can take immediately to improve your health, as well as some great resources that you can utilize to take the next steps on your wellness journey. This event will include a light lunch and is free with your registration. Registration is FREE but a ticket will be required as space is limited! Topics for the day will include: â-Â Awaken Your Healing Potential What is true health? Is it simply the absence of illness or disease or is there more to it? Learn about the incredible role our nervous system (master control) plays in our overall health and the benefits to having an optimal functioning nervous system! Presenter: Dr. Erica Smothers, DC   â-Â Essential Oils: An Introduction to Natural Support for Your Body This talk will cover the basics of what essential oils are, give details on a few essentials oils with the broadest uses, explain the many ways to use them to support the different systems in our body toward wellness, and the importance of having a pure product. Essential oils to be covered will include: Peppermint, Lavender, Stress Away, and Thieves.  Presenter: Bonnie Nederhoff   â-Â Gut Health: Wholeness From the Inside Out Experts estimate that 85-90% of a person's immune system lives in their gut. A basic understanding of gut function is key to maintaining health throughout the body. People will leave this presentation with that fundamental knowledge of how the gut works, as well as several behaviors we can take to help our guts thrive. Presenter: Bekka Dove   â-Â Balanced Rx for Wellness Learn how incorporating pilates and yoga can improve wellness in all areas including: hormone balance, emotional balance, physical strength, positive mindset and stress reduction. (Demonstrations will be performed) Presenter: Nancy Gaffney   â-Â Sole Purpose What is Reflexology?  Learn more about this ancient practice and how you can use it help common ailments such as headaches, sinus pressure and overall stress relief. Presenter: Shannon Goodloe, LMT, RCR   â- A Thought is Just a Thought: Conscious Thinking As women, we wear many hats and play many roles in our daily lives.  It's easy to become acclimated to a high level of stress and anxiety and see this as a normal aspect of life.  This session will teach you effective strategies for gaining greater consciousness and control of your thoughts so your thoughts aren't controlling you. Presenter: Shannon Wilson, LMHC Questions about the event can be directed to:

at 1095 Sixth Avenue
1095 Sixth Avenue
Marion, United States

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