Response: What Revision Assistant Is—and Is Not

Response: What Revision Assistant Is—and Is Not
I am the voice in the machine. And I am a teacher. I've taught writing for 15 years at the university level in many different contexts—open enrollment, highly selective, liberal arts, and business schools. Those of us who teach writing want to see our …
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Exclusive: Yuri Milner Tells Us About His Dream To Hunt For Aliens In Deep Space
A few days before Russian billionaire Yuri Milner announced his plan to spend $ 100 million on a project to send tiny flying probes to Alpha Centauri—four light years from Earth—he gave Popular Science an exclusive first look at his plan, and shared …
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Grimes on 'Art Angels' Follow-Up, Why She Loves Tool
In May, she'll join Florence and the Machine on tour, and this month, she's set to play Coachella – where her set might coincide with a certain hard-rock band's reunion. "They're onstage for so long," she says cheerfully, "so you can still catch Grimes …

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