Science is Experiential; Religion is Experiential Too

Science is Experiential; Religion is Experiential Too
In my previous essay, I promised to come back to my claim that scientific knowledge is not the only kind of experiential knowledge: religious knowledge is experientially verified as well. I know that this point is controversial. It is common to say …
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Meet Alexandra Elbakyan, the researcher who's breaking the law to make science
For years, there's been a battle in academia over access to knowledge. Proponents of the open access movement argue that science is a public good, often funded by taxpayers, and that locking it up behind expensive paywalls stalls scientific progress.
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Homeopathy successfully turns water into a placebo
These are centuries-old ideas, and we now know they defy basic knowledge of physics, chemistry, and biology. Accordingly, they've long been dismissed by the vast majority of modern scientists and physicians. All that hasn't stopped homeopathy believers.
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