Scottish Leaders Dinner ‘Autonomous Leadership’

Scottish Leaders Dinner ‘Autonomous Leadership’
Event on 2016-11-29 17:30:00
Scottish Leaders Dinner 'Autonomous Leadership' Speaker: Ryan Ramsey, Head of Construction, National Grid Chaired by: Pat Armstrong, Chief Executive, ACOSVO   This Leaders Dinner is one of a series of thematic discussion dinners that ACOSVO is hosting throughout 2016 with support from the Royal Bank of Scotland.   ACOSVO is delighted to be joined by Ryan Ramsey, Offshore Installation Manager at Shell who will talk on the theme of 'Autonomous Leadership’ "130 men, 500 million pound submarine, the most complex machine that the Royal Navy operates, the most unexplored part of the world, 1 page of direction and guidance and up to 90 day pathfinder missions – command of nuclear powered submarine.    To lead is a great challenge– to enable your team to achieve results not because you want them to, or because they have to, but because they want to. Leading autonomously is something else. The challenge of leading, taking risk, making decisions  that result in taking or saving life, without recourse to others, denied of information and in the sight of your team 24/7 is an art; an art that can be learned and most importantly shared. In his talk, Ryan will share some of his personal journey, how to prepare a team, the ordeals of knowledge, and the personal effect that autonomous decision making can have. Most importantly what others can learn from this unique leadership environment."     The ACOSVO Dinner will explore examples that support this perspective and will give members the opportunity to discuss their own experiences and, of course, challenge the view that is being expressed.   We hope you will welcome this opportunity to discuss this and other topics during dinner. We are confident that this event will be a stimulating and convivial occasion and hope you will be able to attend.   The format of the evening will be: 5.30 pm – Networking drinks reception 6.00 pm – Presentations and discussion 7.00 pm – Dinner and further discussion The evening will finish by 9.30pm

at Royal Bank of Scotland
1 Albyn Place
Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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