Selling on the Spot EXTREME Marketplace! – Daytime! – September – Durham 1

Selling on the Spot EXTREME Marketplace! – Daytime! – September – Durham
Event on 2016-09-07 10:00:00
CALLING ALL ENTREPRENEURS! Ready to Sell on the Spot? Yes, imagine a polished elevator speech that we will practice first, then an open Marketplace where you talk to Everyone attending, one by one, and ASK for the Sale each time you present! THIS MONTH'S EVENT IS EXTREME! – more Vendors and Sponsors means more Opportunity to Sell! – Networking game – Joint Venture opportunities! – longer event – more food! Whether you have a product or a service, this is the place to SELL, NETWORK, BUILD your list, MARKET your funnel! (not just one presentation), MAKE NEW FRIENDS, and HAVE FUN! This isn't just a networking event, don't just bring business cards, but bring your Book if you are an Author, your Flyer if you are promoting an event, your best selling Products if a product driven company, your Gift Certificates or similar if promoting a Service… For some industries, a "sale" might be that you booked a follow up appointment or meeting, or booked a home party. After some instructions, when the Marketplace opens, you will start first by marketing a low price point item, that may even be a loss leader. During the event, once we have networked with each individual, we will move up (or down) our funnel to higher price point items. This is where it will get really interesting and exciting! DOOR PRIZES are welcome, and a great way for your business to get attention not just at the event, but for weeks to come, on this page! My event page is getting thousands of impressions! So the sooner you PM about a donation the more views you will get! TICKETS are also available at the door, for . Exact change please. Light refreshments will be served. Bring your receipt pads or use the ones provided. Bring your Square or other merchant account devices. Bring cash and credit cards for your shopping. (It is expected that you are open to buying too, and not just sell, sell, sell. If we were all just selling and not buying this wouldn't work!) Full trade show sales tables are not provided as this is not a Trade Show or Vendor Show, but there will be space for you to place some items down. Greater inventory can be in your car if required. Imagine NETWORKING and a MARKETPLACE on STEROIDS! When in doubt, ASK ME! This works for ANY and EVERY INDUSTRY! TICKETS are also available at the door, for . Exact change please. SPORSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES available too, for an additional (plus hst). Sponsorship Opportunity Includes: – 2 General Admission tickets! one for you, one to gift or sell! – a full display table – extra posts to this page, linking to your site and facebook page, that gets thousands of impressions! – day of announcements promoting you – and many more benefits. Ask for details and I will forward you the Sponsorship Opportunity package! Jane Warr, also known as Trainer Jane, is a transformational Lifestyle Coach, dedicated to helping people “Be Fit, Fab & Fun!” as well as “Find Your Voice”. She is the coauthor of Manifesting a New Life; Money, Love, Health and Everything In Between, and the author of the highly anticipated book The 3 Minute Workout; How to Lose Your Muffin Top, Thunder Thighs and Other Jiggly Bits. She is also a Verbal Aikido Communications Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Stage Speaker. Jane has dedicated more than 22 years to helping men and women achieve their potential, through fitness, nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle, to be and feel the best possible version of themselves. Jane works with both the public and corporations, facilitating globally.

at Pickering Recreation Complex
1867 Valley Farm Road
Pickering, Canada

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