Senda Wasshoi Matsuri Flea Market

Senda Wasshoi Matsuri Flea Market
Event on 2017-03-19 00:00:00

Relatively large flea market in Higashi Senda-machi Park next to the old Hiroshima University building. There are also food stalls and live bands performing on a little stage, which help to give the event quite a lively atmosphere.

Postponed until March 20 in the event of heavy rain.

To sign up to sell at the flea market

Call (in Japanese) more than one week prior to the event 090-9500-6534 between 10am and 6pm and give your name and the date you want to apply to sell at the flea market. If you can transfer the money (at the post office) at least 1 week beforehand, it costs ¥2,600 for one space at the flea market. Transfer account name and account number details can be seen on this page of the here on the Senda Wasshoi Flea Market website (in Japanese).

If you are registered for a stall, officially you can drive onto the site between 7am-9am, but and there is usually parking available after you set up within the site (but you cannot drive around or out of the site between 9am-3pm)


at Higashi-Senda Park
1-1 Senda-machi, Naka-ku
Hiroshima, Japan

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