Smart Materials: Looking for Problems to Solve

Smart Materials: Looking for Problems to Solve
This trend is shown in the graph below of the rising frequency of the two-word term “smart materials” in print sources as tracked by Google Books (the y axis indicates how often the phrase “smart material” occurs as a percentage of all two-word phrases …
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Telefonica Brasil prepares for big bang of data era
The telecom industry will see a 'big bang' of data generated in the next few years, said Telefônica Brasil CEO Amos … Subscriber-Only Content. BNamericas develops thousands of news articles, analyses and features every month, always concentrating on …
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What is a Google Search Appliance?
The search appliance runs as a server inside or outside your network. It indexes critical content by "crawling" your company resources (or public web servers) for data so users can locate it using the same search methods offered on the Google Search site.
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